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Codigo De Referencia Full Tilt Poker

Hibernate Reference PTBr 1.0

Traduo para o portugus da documentao de referencia do Hibernate 3.


Crypto Obfuscator For .Net 2015

Crypto Obfuscator For .Net provides superior code protection, obfuscation, automatic exception reporting for .Net assemblies. Crypto Obfuscator...

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AVLock Gold (freeware edition) 4.3.3

NEW RELEASE v4.3.3: Strong encryption algorithm. Support for chinese and ciryllic alphabets. Doc in several lang: fr, de, it, pt, sp, en.*Convert...

80.0 KB - Supportsystem 1.III - Supportsystem is a Unix compatible ticket-ID based support system. Users can add their questions, have full control of their...

Freeware 0.2 is a simple script based on php and is a search engine program. This program helps users to make full text searchable over...



ERP de forma Codigo abierto programado en Visual Basic.


Facturas Electronicas Mexicanas 1.0

Proyecto de Codigo Abierto para generar Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales (CFD) segn la normas de SAT en mexico publicadas en el 2006


Akisha php & ajax system generator 2

generador de aplicaciones lamp, genera codigo php y mysql, se selecciona una base de datos y el aspecto grafico, luego se genera un sistema...

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chuscompiler 1.0

Se trata por ahora de un muy limitado compilador de c realizado en python (usando lex y yacc), que subo para ser utilizado como referencia por los...


JSQL2iBatis 1.0

JSQL2iBatis, Generador de codigo.

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GenTKode 1.0

Gerador de codigo GTK (PyGTK e PHP-GTK)GTK generator (python and PHP)


ODBC Database Engine 3.02

ODBC DE provides access to different types of databases via TDataSet interface. With the use of ODBC DE you can get rid of bulky Borland Database...

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TPlanning v1.0 (Spanish / English)

TPLANNING v 1.0 Componente data-aware para Borland Delphi 5 Prop?sito: El objeto del Planning no es otro que la preparaci?n y planificaci?n de...

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CopyCat version

CopyCat is a set of Interbase/Firebird replication components for Delphi/C++Builder. Key features: - Royalty-free. - Full two-way replication. -...

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Rubicon 2.22

Rubicon is the full text search engine you need. Just let Rubicon index your data and your users will be ready to search by simply typing words....

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AVDatePicker:a Is a component for date edition. Full customizable and adaptable to any language. This allow edit dates or pick them from a drop...

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AVLabel Pack (Shareware version) 1.2

Package of 10 full featured components all descendants of TCustomLabel, all with 3D borders and gradient surface: AVLabel: Multiline label...

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AVLabel Pack 1.2

Package of 10 full featured components all descendants of TCustomLabel, all with 3D borders and gradient surface: (1)AVLabel: Multiline...

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Full Screen Image Gallery

A full screen, XML driven Image gallery, unlimited images and categories. Fully AS2/OOP based. Easy to use and customize. Christmas Discount! 50%

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SphinxConnector.NET 1.1.0

SphinxConnector.NET is a .NET library to access the functions and features of the Sphinx full-text search engine from your .NET applications.

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