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Code Project Student Database In Java

Algebra database rc.0.1.6

AlgebraDB is database in Java.

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Wuala Persistent Map 1.0

Small, simple and robust database in Java.

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RiaBiz Business Software Generator 1.0

A self-hosted Code Generator (CG) implementing in Java, which can be served as a template generator for legacy systems, a new module generator for...


santos 1.0

Santos is a multiple source-code/resource generator developed in Java that takes an XML instance and generates the required source-code/resources...


YoSQLManager 1

A very rich Swing based JDBC Front End with connectivity with all JDBC enabled databases.

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Axion Java RDBMS beta

Axion Java RDBMS is a stable and feature enriched database tool, which is very small in size and is very fast. This is a relational database system...


Calculate Distance Between Two Points Using Longitude & Latitude 5.0

Calculate distance between two points using longitude and latitude comes with a tutorial that explains its usage. This also provides free sample...


Carthag 1.0

This is a programme to bring PHP to the enterprise level and is a free and an open source application platform. This programme uses the new PHP5...


produce dynamic Web pages with Java and XSLT

Earlier XML, developers had to produce dynamic Web pages with some sort of server-side scripting technology, such as CGI, Java servlets, or JSP....


Schmortopf Java IDE 0.94

The Schmortopf IDE is a web development tool in java. The application is based on JavaCC generated parser and it supports functions like...


SQL2TablePro 1.02i

SQL2TablePro is an web based database component which helps the user to view the data from the database in the data tables with the support of...


The Jxta command shell

This article lets you learn the project JXTA command shell enabling you to create a utility application. The JTXA development kit contains a...


TechInsite Object Persistence Framework 1.097

The TechInsite Object Persistence Framework (tiOPF) is a free and Open Source framework of Delphi code that simplifies the mapping of an object...

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IDAutomation Java Barcode Package 6.10

This barcode package contains JavaBeans, Applets, Class Libraries and Servlets for Barcoding in Java. Supports Linear and 2D barcode types...


WhiteBear 06.02.2013

WhiteBear is a modular open-source object and relational database engine project written in Java.

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ClipboardtoDB 1.0

The project developed in Java with Swing, is a visual tool, that permit to transfer in easy and speedy way, a cells range from the Excel, Lotus,...

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Java Database Query Tool 0.1.1

This project is a 3-tier Database Query Tool to written in java.

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DatabaseGUI 1.0

Database Viewer in java.


Java/RTR 1.0

The Java/RTR Project address the development of soft real-time code in Java, mainly using the RTR Model and the Java/RTR programming language.


xdoclet-modules 1.0

This project host a lot of my experimental XDoclet1 modules for code generation in Java environment.