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Code Of Web Based Bodmas Calculator

Building a .NET E-mail Application - Part 1

This article clearly explains the basics of building an email application with all the needed protocols. For the usage of web based Email...


G-pack 12.12.2002

This collection of web-based games can implement games like turn your family photos into online puzzles, slot machine, scratch-off card or...



WARFARE is a lightweight, extensible Web Application Framework to enable Construction and maintenace of web based applications without writing any...

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YingMing 20060108

YingMing is a PHP5 framework to quick develop of web based systems, using a code generator to do the CRUD operations based on the database.

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PHP-OOP :: Site Framework 1.0

PHP-OOP is an object-oriented framework for rapid deployment of web-based applications, including AJAX and TCP-IP communications frameworks.


Develop Scriptless Web Apps Using Visual Basic

This is an article through which the author details a technique to engage visual basic in the development of web based applications without the...


eGroupWare 1.0rc4

This is a set of php API's that consists a collection of web based php utilities. This groupware presently consist of several modules like,...



ezMail is a mailing programme to receive message through email by means of web-based forms. It is basically built in PHP with plain text file to...


Killbot Professional 1.0

This is intended to eliminate various types of web-based robots from repeatedly filling out forms by requiring the user to enter some simple data.


MOT 2.0b3

The goal of MOT is to allow the creation of web-based databases that can be used collaboratively by multiple users, with links between tables,...


M-pack (bundle of several menu applets) 7.7.2003

M-pack (bundle of several menu applets) is multi-platform compatible. M-pack includes a series of web-based Java menu programs (mimbounce, mimdesc,...



This script allows you to build Frequently Asked Question pages without having to edit HTML or upload pages. All is handled via a set of web-based...

Shareware Killbot 1.0

This script is intended to eliminate various types of web-based robots from repeatedly filling out forms by requiring the user to enter some simple...


OO PHP Library 1.3

This is an object oriented library that includes enhanced features aiding in the rapid creation of web-based interfaces to a database.


PHP - SWF Charts 1.III

PHP - SWF Charts is a powerful PHP application capable of creating flash graphs. Using this utility you can create all types of web based charts...


PortSight Secure Access 2.I

PortSight Secure Access uses ASP.NET program of web based user management system. It is capable of supporting other webservice, webforms, winform...


Sending Mail

Everything from the initial upto end step used with the creation of web based system to send an email through SMTP server is explained briefly in...


Snap WebEvents l Online calendar / web event publishing 1

Experience the power of web based event publishing. Snap WebEvents will help unify your community by enhancing communication and collaboration...


SQL Relay 0.34.3

This tool is basically used to speed up the function of web based database application, to migrate data between databases, access data from the...


Virtual Workshop: Web-based Databases with PHP

A series of workshops developed for the novice PHP user. Starts with an introduction to PHP leading to the development of web-based databases using...