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Code Of Rapid Roll Game In C Language

Text Message Parser Generator Generator 1.0

In a nutshell it takes as input the formal specification of any text protocol in ABNF and generates the parser in C language for that grammar using...

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CLiteOO 1.0alpha

CLiteOO (Lightweight OOP in C) is a framework and toolkit to write object-oriented code in C language.

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gFSM 0.0.1

An open source implementation of FSM (Finite State Machine) programming framework in C language.

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OO C Framework

Framework written in C language using OO concepts.

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facebook cpp graph api rc

meir yanovich's Implementation of facebook graph api in c++.

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Add some class to your VBScript code

This web based ASP learning resource provides detail information about the creation of classes and objects in VBScript language. The required steps...

Freeware Portal 1.V

This is a Delphi 8 that enables users to build and run database driven websites. This program can be used for ASP.NET web applications. This portal...


Building ASP.NET User and Server Controls, Part 2

Building ASP.NET User and Server Controls, Part 2 is an informative article which helps you to know how to create custom controls. The author also...


C# DateTime Structure

Through this tutorial you could find your age perfectly. This program asks to feed your date of birth and time. When you give it the programs...



This is a program that allows admin to build a shopping cart system for their ecommerce business. This is a simple program which is written in C#...


Mediachase Calendar.NET 1.VI

The Mediachase Calendar.NET Web Control is the script used to add the days, months, etc. This script can be viewed in days, months, years, etc....


Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied

Presents a collection of reusable design artifacts, called generic components, together with the techniques that make them possible. The author...


Programming C#: Working with Arrays

Programming C#: Working with Arrays is an userfriendly tutorial in which author concentrates on process of array and the method of working with...



Smokescreen is a java development tool, which can obfuscate Java class files. It accomplishes this by removing the symbolic names and optional...


Testing a Full-Text Search Stemmer in C#

Testing a Full-Text Search Stemmer in C# is an informative article in which the author discusses about testing the output of the stemmer component...


BPAffiliateTracking - Affiliates Tracking Script 1.0

Affiliates Tracking Script, gives to registered affiliates HTML code of banner to put in their website. Visitors of affiliate's site click on this...

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lib config files parser 1.2.0

A simple and easy to use configure file parser utility in C++ Language, which have only 1 hpp file.

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JsonRpc-Cpp 0.4

JsonRpc-Cpp is an OpenSource implementation of JSON-RPC protocol in C++.

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Simple C Thread Pool 1.0

This is a simple implementation of thread pool written in C.

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Tonic EPC 2

Tonic EPC is an EPC (Electronic Product Code) Encoder/Decoder library written in C#.

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