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Code For Navigation Of Recordset

Generating Serial Code For Your Applications

Generating Serial Code For Your Applications is an article more important for the webmasters to create a serial code similarly to the original to...


Simple Code for a Common Footer

Simple Code for a Common Footer is a tutorial which gives you an easy way for creating your own footer control in web pages. In this tutorial the...


Search for list of name server addresses 1.2

This script contains a function named RegistryResolve() that returns a list of ip numbers (dotted quads), by scouring the registry for...


Import hook for end-of-line conversion 1.0

This code eliminates the need to convert line endings when moving .


Internet Server for Lists of Items 1.0

The ListServer is an application for serving up lists of "items" and their contents via an internet connection.


Terminology for Description of Dynamics 1.0

The TErminology for the Description of DYnamics (TEDDY) project aims to provide an ontology for dynamical behaviours, observable dynamical...

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Creating a Project Template for Estimations of Time, Tasks, and Resources

This is an online tutorial that deals with building project templates. This tutorial guides project developers to create a project template with...


Spinning your XML for screens of all sizes

This article shows how HTML can be used as an intermediate language to write a single stylesheet, to translate from XML to one or more versions of...


GnuFS a framework for storage of data 1.0

GnuFS is a project that is finding it's ways to be something like what WinFS was supposed to be.


Toolbox for Analysis of Complex System Using Fixed Points 1.0

It provides a way and interface to find fixed points in system equations, determine their properties and to animate the results.


Matlab code for the Kalman filter 1.0

It will compute the Kalman gain and the stationary covariance matrix using a Kalman filter with a linear forward looking model.


dFront - for distribution of msql alpha

dFront is a frontend which makes it possible to distribute a msql database over several sites.

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Scrplus Screen Saver Development Kit 4.0

A New Saver wizard to make it easy to write screen savers. Also with some components, source code for lots of example savers, extensive tutorials...

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SQL Helper 1.0

The SQL Helper is a tool for developers who use Microsoft SQL Server 7, 2000, and 2005 that will allow them to search all SQL code for strings of...


Firebird Interbase Auditor 1.0.1

Generating system of code for audit of database Firebird/Interbase.

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Myjaut - My Java Utilities 1.0

My Java Utilities - Multi-purpose library for Java applications, aka me sharing my reusable application code for all of you to re-use at will.


Testing for EOF (End Of File)

At the end of this online article the developers can learn how to test for the end of file and display the no records message which is explained in...


Three methods of opening an ADO Recordset

In this online article narrates the three important methods in opening an ADO recordset and query details from the database. In this three methods...


Converting a Recordset & XML To and From the File System

At the end of this article the developers can understand the technique about how to change a ADO Recordset object into an XML document and vice...


Download recordset as a CSV (DBF, MDB) file

Now the developers could download recordset as a CSV file through this online article. The article narrates about the GetString method of recordset...