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Code For Importing Csv File Into Access

Importing a CSV file into Access

The webmasters can learn the easy method of importing CSV file or any other text data into an access. The author demonstrates this concept of...


Import tool for CSV files 1.0

This tool will import products or manufacturers from a CSV file into the OSC database.


csv2dia 0.9.4

This program converts a CSV-file into a dia-file, that can by converted with yadia2sql.

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Simple Browser Detection

Simple Browser Detection is an ASP tutorial in which author offers code for the users inorder to access the information of the visitors browsers....


Excel To Java Bean 1.0

This project is for converting excel file into Java Bean objects.


Multi Mailing List v1.4 v1.4

A simple, easy to install mailing list program for all your newsletters and eZines. This program allows you to create an Unlimited amount of...


fdf-Converter 2.0

fdf-Converter is a simple and effective online file managemnet software that offers customizable solutions for all webmasters to convert FDF files...


Importing XML into a RecordSet

Instead of using XMLDOM, the author comes with a new solution which is explained in this article. The process of importing an XML file into a...


Load Variables from a Text File and Edit the Values with Perl

The purpose of this tutorial is to not only load variables from a text file into your Flash movie, but also be able to edit and update those...


IDAutomation Code 128 Font Advantage

Easily print Code 128 barcodes with this professional font package. The download includes examples for Word, Excel, Access and Crystal Reports....

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AutoSQL 2.2

Create CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX and INSERT INTO statements, Delphi 2 - 4 code, and C++Builder 3 code from existing dBase, Paradox and Access...

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AutoSQL w/o BDE 2.2

Create CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX and INSERT INTO statements, Delphi 2, 3, 4 code, and C++Builder 3 code from existing dBase, Paradox and Access...

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webform2csv 1.0

This application reads the output of Web forms posted on your website (usually via email) and converts them to csv files for importing into a...

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@1 Links Submission & Approval System III

The links submission and approval system is a Perl based script which allows your members or website visitors to submit their links. Once the...


Access Article Db

After going through this online article the developers can just place .htm pages into access database which would create a link and when it is...


A-Gallery 1.0

mage names and captions, and category ("group") names, are easily configurable using an external XML file, which can be edited using any good text...


Applet Newsflash Composer 1.0

Applet Newsflash Composer is java applet that can be integrated into your web pages to display news or any messages in the form of an interactive...


ASP .NET - XML Files

ASP .NET - XML Files is an article in which the author gives detailed description about constructing XML files and the procedure for binding an XML...


Bind a Datalist to a Remote XML File

Bind a Datalist to a Remote XML File is an easy to understand tutorial in which author describes about appending the remote XML file into Datagrid...


Browser & Version Redirect

Browser & Version Redirect is a versatile JavaScript, which can detect the browser used by the visitor and direct the appropriate page designed for...