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Code For Import Mysql To Oracle

DBConvert for Oracle and MySQL 1.0.0

DBConvert for Oracle and MySQL: a tool for a quick and accurate database conversion from Oracle database to MySQL server. Migrate Oracle db to...

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DBSync for Oracle and MySQL 1.0.0

DBSync for Oracle and MySQL is a tool for a quick and accurate database conversion and synchronization from Oracle database to MySQL server....

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NC OCI8 1.0.4

This is a component library for direct access to Oracle8/9/10g servers. Now set includes 10 core components:TOCIDatabase: Analog of TDatabase. It...

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Loader to Oracle (Standart Edition) 1.1

Loader to Oracle - Easy and fast migrate data

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webcalng 2.0

Webcalng is a webcalendar, which is an essential tool to schedule for businesses, clubs, schools etc.,In schedule making it supports by repeating...


dbExpress driver for Oracle 6.2

dbExpress driver for fast access to Oracle database servers from Delphi

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DOCI Components for Direct Oracle Access 1.18

Components for direct access to Oracle databases:Can work with Oracle 7.3/8/8i using client part from Oracle 8/8i.There is a powerful TDataSet...

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A Complete Virtual Shop Web Service in C#

This web service tutorial discusses about the generation of virtual shop web service in C sharp and the author say this program can be used to...


Accept Focus

This is an article that tells the users how to generate the process of keeping popup window on top till the popup window is closed by the user....



This is an useful and helpful online tutorial from where the programmers can read and perceive about the usage of Active Users which allows them to...


blurHeadlines 1.0

This is a news data management solution which helps users to control different types of news related data such as, what's new, bulletins and other...


Browser Window OffSets

This is a tutorial that tells the users how to use the function which is used for returning the page offset. The pixels number scrolled per page is...


C# Formatting Currencies in .NET

This is an useful tutorial which guides the users to form C sharp formatting currencies using .NET. This tutorial discusses obviously about how to...


Count Click Throughs (Without a DB)

This tutorial really paves the way for the new developers to create their own click throughs program to use on their website. It is used for...


Dom Compliant Validation Controls 1.II

Developers can utilize this program to have validation controls for their .NET programs. This program supports IE4.0 to IE6 and also Netscape 6.0...


Easy Popup Exchange

This popup exchange that takes surfers to the main user index page with all links on it. It generates code for the users to place in their head tags.


Loading an XSD Schema into a DataSet

Loading an XSD Schema into a DataSet is an useful article for ASP.NET programmers to gather information about the ReadXmlSchema() method, which...


Navigation bar

This is a tutorial where the users are taught about the use of navigation bar in websites which provide support to the users for locating the...


Preventing SQL Injection Attacks

This is an useful and helpful article for every web developers and for the system administrators which gives an useful information about how to...


Select Menu List

This is an article that informs the users how to handle the selection menu list for moving items from one menu to the another menu with the support...