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Code For Image Upload In Java And Php

Python and XML Processing

Python's power and ease of use combine to make it an excellent choice for writing programs that process XML data. This Topic Guide links to...


TableMaker 2.2.4

TableMaker is a point-and-click web-interface for databases, written in Java and JSP.

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The Data Abstraction Penalty benchmark for Small Objects in Java and C#, version 2.

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JxCapture is a cross-platform library that provides a comprehensive Java screen capture API for Java applications. You can capture any graphic...

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Carthag 1.0

This is a programme to bring PHP to the enterprise level and is a free and an open source application platform. This programme uses the new PHP5...


A+ Super Dating 2.14

Allows for ad posting, image upload, advanced search, and emailing new search results. Complete anonymous email system built-in.


Auction Scripts 1.1.2002

Auction Scripts is a full featured E-Bay type of auction script. Its salient features are featured auctions, main page gallery feature, category...


Codejay - Code Generator Tool

Codejay - Code Generator Tool is a .NET content management tool that create thousand lines of code for all application in the database. This tool...


DS FadeToCube

This applet creates a FadeToCube effect while rolling the images. Allows you to insert an image and a scroll-text over the animation. You can...


gee! Company Directory 3.0

The gee! Company Directory? is a great service for organizations large and small. Create your own employee information pages complete with...


gee! Property Manager 3.0

The gee! Property List Manager? is a powerful way for realtors or property managers to use their websites to reach potential buyers or tenants by...



JJAM hosts programs in java and javascript which can be used by tyhe users for web development. This site displays results of some programs, on...


Link Cloaker 5.0

Link Cloaker can be implemented in your webpage to protect the HTML links in your webpage from sales theft and from link high - jacking. With Link...


PHP/Java Class Code Generator 1.0

This tool facilitates the creation of Java and PHP classes in Javabeans style. It is useful if you would like to generate a class over a MySQL...


Tool for Text Formating Online Editor R5.0

Tool for Text Formating Online Editor is a JavaScript which can be integrated into any web page to implement a quick web content management system...


RiaBiz Business Software Generator 1.0

A self-hosted Code Generator (CG) implementing in Java, which can be served as a template generator for legacy systems, a new module generator for...


Ultimate Paint 2.88

Full-featured graphics program for image creation, retouching, viewing and manipulation. All popular image formats are supported. Image acquisition...

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Sar-K Code generator 1.0.5

Sar-K is a Java tool to generate code for user interfaces, model classes and data access layer based on a database model.

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iCodeFormatter 1.0

iCodeFormatter, the open source platform-independent code beautifier software, is useful for all developers in formatting and fine tuning their codes.


A Jvmine ?

A Jvmine is a multi-platform compatible minesweeper clone (java applet) written in java and send with all java source code.