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Code For Face Recognition In C Hellip

Events and Delegates

This article is basically for the C sharp and .NET developers which guides them how to use event and delegates. The author has given test code for...


IntelliMacro.NET 1.0

A general purpose macro recorder for Windows (written in C#) whose macros can be easily edited later (adding decisions, loops etc.


C# Concepts: Value vs Reference Types

C# Concepts: Value vs Reference Types is an article which helps you to know about the difference between the struct and class in C#. Struct is a...


CGI++ 19970802

CGI++ is a full-featured and intuitive library for CGI programming in C++.Supports new HTTP/1.1 methods (PUT/TRACE/OPTIONS/DELETE) in addition to...


Codejay - Code Generator Tool

Codejay - Code Generator Tool is a .NET content management tool that create thousand lines of code for all application in the database. This tool...


Dyanmic URLs using php and mysql

This tutorial is for creating dynamic urls using PHP and mysql with some sample snippet programme to follow easily. The author also suggests for...


File Uploading in ASP.NET Using C#

File Uploading in ASP.NET Using C# is a web based tutorial which deals with generating an application for file uploading in C#. The author...


Python and XML Processing

Python's power and ease of use combine to make it an excellent choice for writing programs that process XML data. This Topic Guide links to...


Selection Sort

This tutorial will show you how the Selection Sort algorithm works. It is mostly used to sort numbers, but you can sort letters as well using the...


Understanding C++ data types I

A small book for those beginners in C++ or even in programming who didn?t understand C++ data types. This is meant to be a patch to other books,...



Yet Another C/C++ library for CGI programming. Simple and easy to use tool for CGI programming in C/C++. Can be used free as long as credit...


PHP_SMB 0.0.1

PHP_SMB is an extension for PHP written in C built on smbval (SMB validating library) to authenticate users against SMB servers.


avr-halib 1.0

AVR-halib is a library for easy writing of efficient, portable, reusable and readable programs for AVR microcontrollers in C++.


IOPC2 0.1

A library providing object-relational mapping services for programs written in C++.

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ignitionDb b

ignitionDb, a COM In Process DataBase Engine for Windows written in C++ for handling small and medium sized data amounts.

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Princesa 2003.08.10

An GUI for SQLite database in C++ and wxWindows

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Simple clean tool for Sybase databases in C#, pretty neat and usefull in development and testing of applications.


Extra CruiseControl 0.5.0

That project aims at providing tools and code to be used in C++ projects that use CppUnit and/or trac, to be able to include them easily in...

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Cell BE IDE 1.0

The aim of this project is to develop a set of Eclipse plugins to enable a better experience for developers programming in C/C++ for the Cell BE...


DDemangled 1.0

a pluggable demangler for D written in C