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Code For Conversion Of Image To Text

CZ-Pdf2Txt - pdf to text batch converter 1.1

CZ-Pdf2Txt is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat which runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000.This pdf converter supports batch conversion from pdf to text and...

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conversion of jpg files to ascii text 1.0

This is a jpeg2ascii converter that does not use the aalib which make it small, fast, and lightweight enough to be included for use as a viewer in...


Online Wizard for Converting HTML Table to Delimited Text File

This script has been designed for an online conversion of HTML tables to text files. This has been created with ASP and DHTML. If you have a HTML...


Generating Serial Code For Your Applications

Generating Serial Code For Your Applications is an article more important for the webmasters to create a serial code similarly to the original to...


Number to Text Converter 1.I

The Number to Text converter is a PHP based script that converts any length of numeric value into text as well as into currency formats like...


Simple Code for a Common Footer

Simple Code for a Common Footer is a tutorial which gives you an easy way for creating your own footer control in web pages. In this tutorial the...


Writing To Text Files With ASP

Writing To Text Files With ASP is an online article in ASP summarizing the method of using the built-in function File Scripting Object of ASP in...


Image to PDF Dynamic Link Library 1.3

Convert JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TGA images to PDF documents royalty free using DLL which can be used with most development environments. Supports...

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Forcing an image to download using the ADO Stream Object

This ASP tutorial guides you in downloading the images with the help of ADO stream object. You can download all types of images using this ADO...


Form Responses to Text File

Form Responses to Text File script writes down the form response in a text file. Users are able to read all the information in a single page. This...


Easy PDF to Text Converter 2.0.28

Easy PDF to Text Converter can export the text contents from a PDF document into a Text document. It preserves the text layout in the generated...

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VB Drag Drop File Listing to Text 1.0

VB Drag Drop File Listing to Text.


Export to Text File 0.2

This is a program that is built on ASP to transfer data from all databases including SQL server into client side system. This program does not use...


Search for list of name server addresses 1.2

This script contains a function named RegistryResolve() that returns a list of ip numbers (dotted quads), by scouring the registry for...


JAVATranslator of AsciiMathML to MathML 1.0

"AsciiMathML compiler" is a translator of AsciMathML, notation developed by the university of Chapman , to MathML (Mathematical Markup...


Image To PDF COM/SDK 3.2

- Specify page size. -Use Base 13 fonts and system fonts. - Convert JPEG,TIFF to PDF. - Convert Text to PDF. - Supports tiff,jpeg,etc format. -...

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Import hook for end-of-line conversion 1.0

This code eliminates the need to convert line endings when moving .


Conversion of other file formats to PDF 1.0

xtopdf: Tools to convert other formats (x) to PDF; x as in math.

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Adding A Background Image To A TextArea

If you want to incorporate images to the text area in your web page, this JavaScript does exactly the same. You can use any image in the background...


Connecting to Text-Delimited Database Files on the Fly

In the beginning of the article the author briefs about Text Delimited Database files. The author also gives a comma delimited file as an example...