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DBSync for Access & MySQL 5.0

DBSync for Access & MySQL with scheduler performs MS Access (mdb) to MySQL and MySQL to Access database conversion with synchronization and ability...

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Generating Serial Code For Your Applications

Generating Serial Code For Your Applications is an article more important for the webmasters to create a serial code similarly to the original to...


Simple Code for a Common Footer

Simple Code for a Common Footer is a tutorial which gives you an easy way for creating your own footer control in web pages. In this tutorial the...


SIMPL Framework for Access Control 0.01

SIMPL Framework for Access Control

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Generic ASP Database Editor for Access Tables

This is a tutorial where users can learn how to manage MS Access database tables. Author says that this program has the ability to list entire...


Rerserved Database Keywords for Access, ODBC and T-SQL keywords

Reserved Database Keywords is an ASP.NET reference with hundreds of reserved words that should not be used in the user defined objects, names of...


Matlab code for the Kalman filter 1.0

It will compute the Kalman gain and the stationary covariance matrix using a Kalman filter with a linear forward looking model.


View all records in a database table

The main objective of this online article is to teach the developers about how to view the complete contents of a database table. The author...


Access Connection DSN-Less Code Generator

This tutorial deals with the generation of code for DSN-Less connection of the Access and SQL_Server database. If you specify the database name in...


IDAutomation Code 128 Font Advantage

Easily print Code 128 barcodes with this professional font package. The download includes examples for Word, Excel, Access and Crystal Reports....

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ASP Code Generator 2.0

ASP Helper is the next generation ASP Code generation software that automates the redundant activities of generation of ASP Code for adding,...


Deploying Web services with WSDL, Part 2: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

This tutorial is helpful for the programmers through which they can learn more about Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP) and about Web Service...


IIS Cron for ASP

This is a server based application where the admins and the programmers use efficient codings to perform process like site backup, batch order,...


Ittoolbox Java Code Exchange

ITtoolbox Code Exchange is a free service of ITtoolbox that allows you to publish your own source code for other IT professionals to download and...


The Data Access Dilemma

After reading this online article the beginners can learn about the different implementations of data access methodologies. Further this article...


Viewing and Printing Access Reports with ASP and VisualBasic

The main objective of this online article is to show the beginners how to view and print Access reports with the help of VB and ASP. The author...


Working with ASP & MS Access

At the beginning of this online article the author shows the fundamentals of the SQL statements using Access database with a sample application....


Sar-K Code generator 1.0.5

Sar-K is a Java tool to generate code for user interfaces, model classes and data access layer based on a database model.

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Ledger Accounting for Firebird/Interbase

Accounting source code for Delphi. Databases supported are Firebird 1.5 and Interbase 6.5. Reportbuilder is used for the report engine....


Access Object Navigator 3.0

Access Object Navigator 3.0 is a complete user interface for Access database solutions. It is an Access add-on that provides you the Outlook-like...

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