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Clipboard History

Clipboard History

Clipboard History - Clipboard Monitoring and Clip History Component.Clipboard History (TClipboardHistory component) allows you to monitor text...

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Flashpaste Professional 4.3

Tired of typing the same text over and over? Stop! Flashpaste can help! With Flashpaste, a user "programs in" frequently used addresses, e-mail...

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Onde ClipBuddy 1.06

Onde ClipBuddy is the original multi-function clipboard manager and editing software for Mac, which saves any type of data copied to clipboard...

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ConyEdit for Windows 1.0.8

A cross-editor plugin, a new way to edit code or text, based on clipboard monitoring and command line parsing. With ConyEdit running in the...

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METoolBar 1.0

Ultimate internet and desktop tool brings you more than 20 useful tools in one program......

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History Cleaner 1.0

History Cleaner is an innovative solution for your online privacy issues. This program is equipped with features such as cleaning the secret...

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Hide Unnotified Order History Notes 1.0

This is a very very simple mod that allows you to hide from customers order history entries not marked as notified customer.


Clipboard Saver 1.0

This very easy to use DLL saves and loads any clipboard format to memory or file. A Demo for Delphi is

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1Free History Eraser 3.IV

Free History Eraser completely erases history, typed URLs (the drop down address list) and AutoComplete. / You can schedule your tasks in order to...


Copy Path To Clipboard

Users can utilize this script to copy the path of an existing directory to the windows clipboard. It starts its process as soon as a parameter is...


Copy Text To Clipboard 0.2

This script provides users facility to copy the text files contents into the windows clipboard. By using this script users can copy the contents...


myPayPal History Parser Module 1.0

Parses a comma delimited PayPal history file, adds the contents to a MySQL database table and provides a solid foundation and database to develop...


Today In History 1.II

Today In History is a program where users can recall important historical events like, great birthdays, deaths and happenings for a specified day....


Greg's Delphi Clear History Expert 1.0

This expert allows you to clear the history that appears under the File | Reopen menu option. Author wrote it because his history list would...

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TBin Clipboard 1.0

If you have methods for saving loading your data to streams, now you can copy and paste them to/from Clipboard easily......

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Advanced Clipboard Utility ACU 1.2.1

ACU is powerful clipboard extender. It saves time and makes you more productive by adding advanced clipboard functions. It's an application that...

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Colissimo Ups tracking number in order history 1.0.2

This contribution add a field "Colissimo tracking" or "UPS tracking" number in the order history.


History Library 1.0

History is a C library that provides functions for retaining histories.


GNOME Clipboard Manager 2.0.4

GNOME Clipboard Manager is an environment made for managing your clipboards.

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More Clipboard for Eclipse 1.1.6

More Clipboard keeps track of the latest entries copied/cut into clipboard buffer and allows quick pasting from the popup list by pressing a hotkey.

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