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Client Server Chat

tCount 2.0

This web client server chat system is in a small counter like nature and provides some important facilities to the users. Users can gather...


Miaou Messenger 0.1

Miaou Messenger is a client/server chat library, which can be included in all your .

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Synopse SQLite3 Framework

The Synopse SQLite3 database Framework allows SQlite3 database access, User Interface generation, security, i18n are handled in a safe and fast...

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SMF Chat Module 2.07

It can add a chat room based on Java server and Flash & HTML 5 Client to SMF, multiple skins and users fully integrated. And the best part is once...

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Develooping Flash Chat 1.II

This is a PHP3 (server side)/Flash 4 (client side) chat room program. It is easy to setup and customize. It features: private messages, review...


Hodoman Timer

This is an OS independent software that helps to manage our internet cafe's. It is a client/server model where the customer's can be managed easily...


Minuet Java Chat ?

Minuet Java Chat is multi-platform compatible. This is a real-time client-server based chat room system. What you type appears in the chat...


Sigmachat Server Pro 4.5b

Sigmachat Server Pro is a multi-platform compatible stable, high performance Java Chat Client/Server solution suite. Client is pure Java(tm), and...


A quick and dirty Client and Server Socket class 1.0

A quick and dirty Client and Server Socket class presents you a client-server model.


When to not just use socket.close() 1.4

This script implements a "broken" client/server to show how sock.

Freeware 3.6

IB Objects does for the IB API what Delphi does for the WINDOWS API! Create high performance client/server applications without the BDE or ODBC....


colorADO Professional (D5/B5) 1.5

Client/Server solution based on ADO & ADOX technologies. New version! introduces components that encapsulate ADOX technology. Now you can create...


VolgaDB Engine 5.0

VolgaDB Engine is a single-user engine for working with flat files or client-server multi-user engine for working with MSSQL, MySQL, MS Access,...


Accuracer Database System v.3.01

Accuracer is a compact, embedded, single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement database with SQL support...


ContourCube Pro VCL 1.2

ContourCube is a high-performance OLAP component for rapid development of Internet, client-server and desktop BI applications. It allows end users...


ModLink 2.2

ModLink is a set of native VCL components that offer a sophisticated solution for seamless integration of the Modbus protocol client/server...


ActivSocket 1.I

ActivSocket is a high-performance, comprehensive COM component for client/server communications from any ASP, VB or other COM environment...


ActivXperts Socket (Winsock) Component 2.0

ActivSocket can be used to automate Telnet sessions. ActivSocket can automate these Telnet sessions, hiding passwords and specific configuration...


Admin Pro 2.61

A client/server application that empowers users to upload, download, rename, chmod, delete, open, edit, and save files. Also create, rename, and...


Advanced Graph and Chart Collection 4.VI

Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications. / With the advanced graphing package you will be quickly adding...