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Class Diagram For Bouncing Ball

JClassDiagramMaker 1.0

Using this tool you can Generate the class diagram for any class inside jar , It also have facility to import class diagram to png or jpg format.

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Diversi-tune 2.0

This applet plays a song with the lyrics spelled out with an animated bouncing ball telling you what words are next. There is also a Windows...


JRefactory 2.9.19

A refactoring tool for the Java programming language, it includes the JavaStyle pretty printer, a UML java class diagram viewer, a coding standards...

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EasyFaces MDA Generator 1.0

EasyFaces MDA Generator is a Java desktop application that can generate Java Classes, JPA entities, SQL scripts for creating tables and Hibernate...

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DM-GAC 1.0

This is an academic project for automatic code generation, based in an UML entity class diagram and in templates created by the user.


generateIt 1.0

This is a cocoa objective-C based project for Mac OS X, trying to develop a software to help programmer in early stage of development by creating...

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MIDE:Model-Driven Integrated Development 1.0

MIDE is an IDE for working with UML Class Diagram model.

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PyCAna 1.0

PyCAna (Python Code Analyzer) is a fancy name for a simple code analyzer for python that creates a class diagram after executing your code.


oai-pear 0.4.1

oai-pear is a PHP class library for the Open Archives Initiative Protocol Metadata Harvesting.


Big Faceless Graph Library 1.1.2006

The Big Faceless Graph Library is a Java class library for creating graphs and charts. Backed by a full 3D engine, you can create shaded 3D Pie,...


Big Faceless Graph Library V2 2.0

The Big Faceless Java Graph Library is a 100% Java class library for creating graphs and charts. Version 2 of the Graph Library builds on the same...


Big Faceless PDF Library 2.V

The Big Faceless PDF Library is a Java class library for creating PDF documents. The Extended Edition now offers the functionality to create and...


Cascade PHP Calendar 1.IV

This is a PHP calendar class, suitable for use in both PHP 3 and PHP 4. It is very customisable. This class provides user to view Month View, Year...


Class interfaces play a key role with inheritance

'Class interfaces play a key role with inheritance' is an easy to understand tutorial in which the author offers details about class interface....


Creating a Visual Web Page Template

Creating a Visual Web Page Template is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author gives enhanced procedure for constructing a visual web page template,...


Custom Attributes in C#, Part I - Basics

This article offers useful and important tips to the developers about attributes. The topics demonstrated about attribute in this article are...


Easy PHP Upload II.24

This PHP upload class (the old name) can be used to upload files with a client browser to a remote webserver location. The features in the first...


ecDBTable database table display and navigation 1.0

ecDBTable is an ASP class library for MS Access database table display. This product was designed to allow for the easy, flexible creation of...


Getting to know the .NET collections

Getting to know the .NET collections is an article in which the author gives details about the basic principles of .NET collection. The author...


Groundwork 1.2

Groundwork is a C++ class library for writing Web-based applications. Functional highlights include multi-part form handling, an IP-based security...