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City Ville Cash Tool V1 1

Twebupdate 1.1

TWebUpdate v1.1 : Delphi 3,4,5 & C++Builder 3,4,5Description:Automatic application updates via Internet, IntranetFeatures :Automatically check for...

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APM 1.0

Pay-per-click affiliate link tracking / Text and banner linking / Simple installation and configuration / Adjustable payout rates for each...


HotLinks v1.1 1.I

HotLinks v1.1 is a powerful script for allowing people to add their links to your site. "Free for All Link" pages are becoming more and more...


Unicoder V1.1.

Unicoder V1.1. is a perl script that allows you with a single click to convert email addresses to a Unicode mix javascript that makes your email...


Voting control for ASP.NET written in C# (CSharp) 1.1

Features: • Control written in pure "managed" C# (CSharp) • Not require SQL or any other database (Only file copy) • Cookie security...

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TARMenuToolBar 1.1

ARMenuToolBar V1.1 This is a Toolbar Similar Component that shows an Listview with all menu items you can have speed on accessing huge menus !...

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Madmap 1.0

Madmap is a tool to help analyze java heap dumps.

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TupDragAcceptFiles 1.1.1

TupDragAcceptFiles gives you instant file drag 'n drop support from the Windows Explorer. Only one event to implement and a few properties to...

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DutyCrew 1.0

Well used (on Mac, have just resurrected Windows variant) X-platform web development tool that permits site sharing via exports/import zip files of...

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smconv_pl 1.0

Converter "SuperMemo Palm Pilot v1.

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omniEvents 32

omniEvents is an implementation of the OMG Event Services Specification v1.

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BizDiag 1.9

BizDiag V1.

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RGBA Curves edit 2.0

Curves lets you adjust the tonal range of an image by adjusting any point along the 0x96255 scale. This feature lets you create a variety of...

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Likno Web Modal Windows SlideShow Addin 1.0.0

SlideShow maker software: Addin for how to make SlideShows within the Likno Web Modal Windows Builder. Create both professional SlideShows and...

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GpxTcxWelder 0.0.2

Substitutes the missing GPS information in Garmin TCX files when devices lacking a GPS receiver are used to collect training data (Garmin FR 60,...

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IdCREATE stands for "Idea Creation, Representation & Execution Automated Tools and Engine".


Hit Jammer 1.0 1.0

What is a Traffic Exchange? / You have probably seen these sites before, in fact you may have joined them. The idea is simple. A user signs up,...

Freeware Online Turn Based Game 1.0

We've all witnessed the crazy success of the fast growing pimp game sites this past few years, some of those sites reaching over 100,000 users and...


osCPro exv1 exv1

osCPro is a billing software that is very easy to use with a single touch installation. This is a powerful tool for E-commerce websites that...