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Cinema System Interface

SSR 0.21

SSR Tech is a Web application development and publishing engine. SSR API features: session management, user/group management, template parser, easy...


JosiC 1.0

JosiC Object System Interface Compiler is a compiler of a powerful language which support assembly instructions, pointers and object oriented high...


Extended Tcl (TclX) 8.4.1

Extends Tcl by providing new operating system interface commands, extended file control, scanning and status commands and many others.

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Open System Interface 1.0

Open System Interface(OSI) is an abstract layer of embedded os.


SSQLEngine 1.0

Structured Speech Query Language Engine (SSQLEngine for short) is an attempt at the development of a Database Management System Interface that...


DeeDS operating system interface 1.0

DeeDS operating system interface: A message-based operating system adapter for the components implementing the DeeDS (Distributed Active Real-Time...


Restaurant Booking System 2.0

Interactive restaurant reservation system for your website. Created and fully supported by PHPjabbers & Stivasoft, the restaurant booking system...

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Divcom Software 1.0

These days, information technologies progress so fast that we sometimes fail to catch up. Faster processors and graphics boards, bigger storage and...


Plugin File System 1.0

A user space NFS4 server on top of a powerful extensible plugin architecture.


Raize Components

Raize Components is a user interface design system for Borland Delphi and Borland C++Builder. At its center is a collection of more than 125...

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Paragon Hard Disk Manager Personal 6.0

Hard Disk Manager 6.0 is easy, complete and reliable toolset for hard disks: hard disk management, maintenance and disposal, boot management, data...

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Availability Booking Calendar 4.0

Availability Booking Calendar is a multi-calendar booking system that enables your site users to reserve dates/nights using a nice and intuitive...

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Toolbox for Analysis of Complex System Using Fixed Points 1.0

It provides a way and interface to find fixed points in system equations, determine their properties and to animate the results.


MaximaPHP 0.1.3

MaximaPHP is a Web based PHP interface to communicate to Maxima computer algebra system in the server.


AidAim Single File System v.2.12

Single File System provides an easy way to work with multiple files and folders stored as a part of a single file with advanced compression and...


@1 Customer Records

@1Customer Records is a database system targeted to bulk mailing modes. This runs on Unix/Linux and is available for a fee. This has a high privacy...


@lex Guestbook 3.XII

This is a php program and a guestbook where webmasters can modify the postings made by the user on the website. Here webmaster can modify the...


1st CMS from TheAnotherWorld

Our Content Management System helps to manage your website directly on the remote server. It allows you to easily update your site from anywhere...


1Worlddo 2.II

Worlddo is a web CRM software, with invoicing, contact management, and project tracking system. It comes with built in groupware, including mail,...


1Worlddo Professional 2.II

Worlddo Professional is a web CRM software, with invoicing, accounting, contact management, and project tracking system. It comes with built in...