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Check Ip Address In Input Box

Gypsy Mail 0.6.3 beta

This is a well featured and flexible python clone of the familiar cgiemail script which allows you to set up an HTML form on your website, collect...


DynuDNS 1.0

DynuDNS component allows you to look up and reverse look up of IP address from host name and vice- versa. You can also obtain local IP and host...


Ip address of a computer using Winsock

This tutorial guides the programmer in programming a function for retieving the IP address into a type sockaddr_. This tutorial clearly explains...


Display Ip In Graphic 1.1

How to display visitor's IP Address in a graphic on your website pages (or any other pages) with this simple PHP script. This script makes use of...


DynDNS.php 1.I

This is a software based on php which updates your IP address in the DynDNS NIC when it is changed. This script is easy to combine with any...


fmweb 0.99i

fmweb is a java application that can remotely administer files on the web. It implements remote administration using the TCP/IP protocol and...


How to Ping Using ASP

This is an online tutorial that provides detailed explanation on pinging IP address. In this tutorial the author guides users to generate a .BAT...


Link It 1.0

Link It allows visitors to add their link to your website. Very simple to insall and use. Logs the visitors IP address in case they try and spam...


Multiple domains on a single IP address

This is an article that can be used by the users to host multiple servers on a single IP address. In this tutorial the author guides users in...


Open and Read content from a text file

Open and Read content from a text file is a simple ASP article where you will learn the procedures involved in file management. You can learn how...


VideoGuard 0.9

Allows administrators to password protect streaming media (video and audio) served through Windows Media Services / NetShow. / Restricts the...


WW ProxEmail 1.0

WW ProxEmail is a multi-platform compatible script. It allows you to use your servers mail server without revealing your PC's IP address in your...


IP Address Collecter 1.0

Collects the purchasers IP address and stores in the database.


Fastflux 0.9.2

Fastflux is a whois and IP address tracker.


IP Address Displayer 1.0

You can add this code to any pages you want and to any where you see fit to your website (on the center, up, down) and this code simply displays...


ip2cc 0.4

This script allows you to lookup country by IP address.


IP address conversion functions 1.0

This script allows you to convert dotted-quad IP addresses to long integer and back, get network and host portions from an IP address.


Get the IP address of a network interface 1.0

This script uses the Linux SIOCGIFADDR ioctl to find the IP address associated with a network interface, given the name of that interface, e.


Validate IP Address in PHP 1.0

This code demonstrates a simple way to validate IP address using preg_match() PHP function. This is a very simple code, that allows you to perform...

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Form Guard

This is an effective javascript program that can check whether all necessary fields available on the form are in valid format or not. Some of the...