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Cheats For Mindjolt Games A Maze Race


This script is designed to manage a 1v1 tournament for deathmatch games. It supports unlimited players, teams and leagues, and features multiple...


EZ Flash 5: Short Projects and Creative Ideas Using Macromedia Flash

If you are new to Flash, or an experienced Flash user, you will find this book to be exciting, informative, and offers a wealth of creative ideas...


Gaming Ladder - ComboSystem 5.0

Gaming Ladder is an advanced ladder system for Professional Gaming Leagues. This is a fully automated ladder ranking system with a fully...


GC Doubler 1.0

GC Doubler is a package for doubler games sites. The combination of price, features, performance and security are the best on the current market.


Mazesmith 0.7.0

Mazesmith generates mazes that may be played through a Web browser or printed for offline use. The maze is fully customizable with many options,...



Playmess is a perl scripted application for the games of Xmess to play your popular game. This is meant for getting your game lists and generates...


Vocalise TTS 1.0.1

Vocalise TTS is the new character animation extension for Macromedia Flash mx 2004 that uses text to speech to create amazing talking characters. /...


WebQuiz 1.2

A complete solution for interactive games/quizzes. Each game/quiz you create has an independent set of options. Set the number of seconds a player...


Karazeh 32

Karazeh is a cross-platform tool for patching, updating, and launching desktop applications, suited for PC games.

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HasseGameLib b

HasseGameLib is (currently) a one-man project of making a library for making programming CLI-Games a little bit easier.

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CJM Map Library 1.0

An attempt to create a standardized map format for overhead games with a reference implementation library.


Visual Basic game template 1.0

The Visual Basic Game Template is a Visual Basic 2010 template for making games.

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Darkened Shadows 1.0

This project was origional for my games design course to evaluate, afterwards maybe for me and some friends, maybe a few extras can play


TTS Data Center 1.0

TTS Data Center Is a Open Source content management system (CMS) Project Built for the sol purpose of cataloging Mods for PC Games.


TAGxMLGen 0.1

A GUI for creating and editing TAGxML files for TAGEngine games, written in python.

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Universal Level Editor 1.0

A level editor for the games X-Wing vs.


Toy Compilers 1.0

This project contains a library for writing compilers/type systems and toy compilers for small games.


DxWnd 1.0

Windows hooker - intercepts DirectX calls to make fullscreen programs to run within a window, tipically useful for windows games.

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Insanez Lib 1.0

A open source C++ game lib for 2D games.


GameBots# 0.1b.2005.06.21

GameBots# is a client API written in C# for GameBots, a research-oriented platform for building artificially-intelligent autonomous agents for...

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