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Cheat Machine Texas Holdem Poker In Face

trapoula 1.0

This is Java based game framework plus an implementation for a Texas Holdem poker game.

1.3 MB

Holdem Tools 1.0

Holdem Tools is a web based Texas Holdem odds calculator.


Media Machine 1.0

This is a JavaScript audio video player that makes the users satisfied with its wonderful features. Media Machine is fully written in JavaScript...


Simple HIT counter

Simple HIT counter is a image based hit counter that calculates the number of visitors to a website. When a webpage calls this script, the...


JSimpleSim 1.0

A machine language simulator written in Java that based on SimpSim by Anne-Gert Bultena.

212.4 KB

MIX Machine Emulation 0.11

The program emulates a MIX machine (introduced by Knuth in his books "The Art of Computer Programming").

95.2 KB

NaruGo Go Game Java AI beta.0.9.48

NaruGo is game AI project.

6.4 MB

Swaso project 1.0

Database front-end for a hotel cleaning department database written in Java, so usable by any OS with java virtual machine.


Z-Machine Preservation Project 1

An Interactive Fiction Player written for Java Virtual Machine.

285.8 KB

Mustard Perl Template Engine v .0

Mustard is a template engine intended to make automatic variable replacement of database or user-supplied information.

1011.1 KB

OpenEXT 2.0.2

OpenEXT is a non-fork of ExtJS.

5.9 MB

Itnet Serial Driver (itnsd) 2.0

Itnet Serial Driver (itnsd) is Windows compatible. The developers of the given facilities very often face with such a necessity. For instance,...



The developers of the given facilities very often face with such a necessity. For instance, during the debugging in a remote machine or when...

290.0 KB

Alarit Net Serial Driver ANSD 2.1

While the operation of different facilities, which are connected to a computer via serial port, there may appear the necessity to start up utility...


FaceMorpher Web Edition 1.2

Display animated morphs of one face into another with automatic nose-to-nose and lips-to-lips transformation. Impress your visitors by showing how...

9.9 MB

StarTrinity web camera face recognition library 1.2

StarTrinity face recognition library is designed for biometric face login in web-based solutions.

599.6 KB

.NET compilation demystified

.NET compilation demystified is an ASP.NET tutorial which gives you details about the compilation process of the .NET languages. When you compile...


@1 Calendar Publisher

This is an online web calendar script. Some of the salient features available include display a list of defined number of nearest coming events...


@Book 1.0

This script allows face icons in comments, replaces dirty words with a heart icon, and prevents words like "qqqqqqqqqqqqq" from entering the...