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Chat On Rmi Framework

Get a live chat on your page

This is an article in which ASP users can gather more information about how to create ASP based chat program using VB script. Author says that this...


Base64 encoding in a Web Service using the .NET Framework

This is an useful web service online tutorial that guides the learners to enable SOAP messaging service on their web services using Base64 encoding...


Microcyb - Chat 0.95

Microcyb Chat offers a new and easy way to chat on your site. This PHP chat script is a one file chat script, that offers image replacement, css...


MPCSoftWeb Chat Xtra

MPCSoftWeb Chat Xtra is an webbased chat application through which server side chatrooms are created. User can access features like utilizing...


Weirdoz's Visual Chat

Weirdoz's Visual Chat is an advanced avatar-based chat server with which you can furnish your wbesites and online applications by integrating chat...


Angel IDE (for PRADO Framework) 1.0

IDE for programming on PRADO Framework written on Delphi 7


Luta framework 1.0

Luta framework - is a PHP 5 framework based on Zend Framework with Ruby on Rails like architecture.

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AteoMessenger LDE

This program is an applet and java based chat system which helps the users in running their own live chat on their websites. Users can get realtime...


Code Demons

Code Demons is an online forum based community software built with PHP. You can post topics, reply and read messages posted by the webmasters...


Creating User-Defined Data Types in Yukon

This article obviously discusses about user defined data types and helps the users to create data types on .NET framework by using Yukon and...


FlashChat 3.VIII

Are you looking for a way to put live chat capabilities on your PHP/MySQL-enabled website? Are you a company that wishes to have a 'live-support'...

Shareware Non-profit Flash Forum

A new Flash forum designed to forever be Non-Profit. It is my way of giving back to the community that has helped me in so many ways. In less than...


Invoking .NET web services from Mobile Devices

This article illustrates about web services and its usage in mobile services based on .NET framework. From this article users can build .NET based...


phpMeet 1.0

A online dating service site. Make an online dating site out of your web page. This script will allow users to sign up for an account and search...


Web Services, Part 2

This is an essential tutorial which briefly describes about the development of web services based on .NET framework. The topics described in this...


WordCleaner 2.0

The WordCleaner is a PHP based script which allows you to delete or clean any words or text that is not required by you. This simple script will be...



These components help to make development with Bold for Delphi simpler.Bold is the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) product which was recently...

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cdBlog 1.0

cdBlog is a fully-flexible Blog- / CMS-Software written with Ruby on Rails framework.


RadRails 32

RadRails is an integrated development environment for the Ruby on Rails framework.

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parallelFor 1.0

implement parallel for loop on llvm framework and clang frontend