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Change Color Checkbox

Easy Linkpage Generator I.30

The Easy Linkpage Generator is a script written using Perl which allows you to create a free for all links page on your website and also you can...


ElegantJBeans - Indicator and Gauges

ElegantJBeans - Indicator and Gauges is a powerful application that can be used for any java projects. You can track and monitor each and every...


Highlight table cells script

Give any table a "rollover" personality with this script. Using it, you can allow the cells or rows of any table to change color when the mouse...


Power Portal Pro

This is a content management program with which admin would be able to insert contents, change color, look and security on their websites. This...


TjanSticker 1.0

TjanSticker is a TGraphicControl descendant with no-code end-user move/size, change color and text. Ideal for making stickerboards.

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Simply Loader

This is an image/SWF loader with transition effects. You don't need to program you'll simply drag it from components palette on your stage. You can...

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Any to Icon 3.30

Any to Icon converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, TGA, TIFF, WMF, WBMP, XPM, XBM and CUR formats into Windows icons. You can add files and...

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Japos Tear File

The program allows from any file extract any data block. You can save this data block to new file or you can create new file without this data...

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Multilevel Sliding Menu

This is a XML Sliding Navigation Menu with an unlimited number of levels

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Dynamic Xml Zoom Menu

Dynamic XML Zoom Menu => As many number of buttons you want. => URL can be set through XML .

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HTML and CSS Attached Content Scroller

XML HTML/CSS content with Mouse Wheel Scroller - you can load HTML text and images with css, and it's very easy to add in your project.

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Carousel Vertical

A vertical carousel you can easily load for your project.

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Butterfly Animation

A vector based butterfly animation

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JPDF Export 1.0.7

JPDF Export is a java library built on the famous iText library.

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Change Admin and Moderator color 1.0.2

This MOD will enable you to change the font color of Administrators and Moderators through your ACP, without effecting any other colors that...


ThlRockerSwitch 1.1

ThlRockerSwitch is a very flexible software rocker switch control. Its functionality is similar to a CheckBox control. Instead of a...


TCanvasText 1.0

Sometimes, we want write some text on TImage,TCanvasText can meet your need.Easy to use by mouse;no flickerCan Set the color and size of Font;Can...


THiLightLabel 1.00

This VCL allows you to create labels which change the color when you move the cursor over the

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1-5 Methods To Dynamic Background Color ?

1-5 Methods To Dynamic Background Color is a multi-platform compatible code to dynamically change the color of your background. Much easier than...


2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph Software 3.II

2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph Software is applet designed with a view to give you full understanding of every features of the chart. This applet...