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Cgi Download Zip File

CGI City's Download-A-File 1.0

Download-A-File is a file downloading utility written in Perl. The program allows site owners to prompt their visitors to sign in prior to making...

Shareware File Upload

Documentation states, "This is a simple form and script demonstrating how to use to recieve a file upload. The script's source doesn't...



This is a perl script and a file downloading utility where the users can download files from their server through a web based browser. This program...


CGI Download Manager 1.57

This script provides a webbased interface for managing your download collection. Includes search, download counts, dead link checks, case sensitive...


Zip Files repairing 6.0.1

Zip Repair utility that will repair corrupted Zip files. user can sees maximum information about the data being recovered from corrupted ZIP...

861 B

ZIP Download 1.1

This contribution will enable the customer to get a ZIP-file download besides the normal option of downloading each product separately.


Fast File Download ActiveX

Fast File Download ActiveX is an ActiveX component(ActiveX control) that can fast download files from the Internet. You can use it to quickly...

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File Download Agreement 1.0

Displays a license agreement before letting the visitor download a file. Allows you to keep all your downloadable files in the same directory.


Simple Web File Download

Simple Web File Download is a tutorial through which programmers can gain knowledge about downloading the files using ASP.NET application. The...


Franciscocharrua's Show Zip Files

Franciscocharrua's Show Zip Files is an useful article dealing with file downloads. The author has given a brief note on the procedural steps to be...


Hiding a file

This allows you to solve the problem of denying access to some files on the server without the usage of server commands or configuration files....


Sharelor File Sender 2.0 2.0

It works like this: A user puts in the email destination of where he/she wants to send the file. He/She then selects his/her file that he/her wants...

610 B II.18

The library makes CGI scripting in Perl easy enough for anyone to process forms and create dynamic Web content. Some of the features...


File Mailer 1.11

Send a ZIP file as an attachment to any email address. Helpful in protecting your files as the visitor never finds the location of the file.


Fresh File Manager( Pro) 1.0

a powerful web space manager,you can download fresh file manager free, or order more powerful file manager pro


Quick Download Registration 1.0

This script allows you to set up a registration form that you have to fill out each time you want to download a file. It has support for files that...


Rw::Download Lite 2.0.3

This download script features a template system with CSS, unlimited categories with optional descriptions and images, a download counter, file info...


Syndikut - Download Manager Lite lite

Download Manager Lite is a FREE! members area script written in php.The 'Lite' version has less features then the full version, Download Manager...

Freeware Download Manager lite lite

Download Manager Lite is a FREE! members area script written in php. / The 'Lite' version has less features then the full version, Download Manager...


The PowerTCP Zip Compression Tool 1.8.2001

PowerTCP Zip is an ASP based zip component that provide various functionalities for zipping and unzipping the files with single line of code. It...