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Cell C Airtime Voucher Generator

TPCCRuner 1.00

... is a TPC-C Like workload generator, used to test ...

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StubbyC++ Test Harness Generator 1.2

Stubby C++ is a C++ Test Harness Generator that facilitates C++ unit testing.

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GTK+ C Code Generator 1.0

... is a GTK+ C Source Code Generator. GGen write in ...


Crystal REVS 1.32

Crystal REVS has the best code review, edit and ... Flowcharts, Tokens Panel, Comment Generator, Auto-Formatting in ...

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Crystal FLOW 1.83

Understand Code in Less Time:Create Flowchart from Source Code with one click. Get a clear view of the code with Flowcharts. Inherited legacy code? A new member ... less time. Verify correctness of function logic ... review and refactor code. Use Flowcharts for faster Code-reviews. Comment-based flowcharts for ... jpg files.The Code is Easy-to ... Automatic-Formatting of Code and Comments. More than just ... hard-to-read code into very readable code. Improved code readability saves time ... Other features:Function call/caller info - a tree ... file-based and class-based. No need to create and maintian HTML documents - just comment the code using our sophisticated comment generator/editor, rest we will take care. Detailed cross-reference of all ...

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Phorward Foundation Toolkit 0.17

... a set of command-line tools, all written in C. Its main purpose ... the development of computer language related software ... and regular-expressions can be used both ... 8 and Unicode character sets Dynamic data ... untyped variables Prototype generator for C-functions Documentation generator to build automatic documentation out of C sources Several command-line tools for ...

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TableReport 2.08

... band-oriented report generator for Delphi 5-7, 2005, 2006 C++ Builder 5, 6 ... to other features common to such tools ... Word tables. You can add, insert, resize columns and rows, merge cells, split cell, format borders of ... enables you to create reports on the ... it possible to create interesting page layouts ... a very powerful CroassTab feature that makes it possible to create crosstab reports as a result of a couple of minutes work ...

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CuteEditor for .NET 3.0

CuteEditor for .NET is ... ASP.NET WYSIWYG control. It enables ASP ... like interface for creating and publishing web content without relying on any client-side components or controls. / CuteEditor toolbar is totally configurable and it is ... just need a couple lines of code to add this ... your application. / Click one of the ... learn more about CuteEditor for .NET. / What's new in CuteEditor / CuteEditor features / Integration ... of ASP.NET code, or just use ... to Microsoft Word Comes with popular WYSIWYG ... is required. / Customization and Extensibility Any button can be removed. You can create completely custom buttons. Developers also can apply cascading style sheets to toolbar buttons to customize the appearance. / ... applets or ActiveX components, no plug-in ... Built-in thumbnail generator. Thumbnail images are dynamically created,- Supports upload new ... Advanced table and cell functions. / 100% DHTML, JavaScript and C# code / Visible/invisible. Hide/show ...


Visual Browser for C/C++

Visual Browser for C/C++ is a C/C++ Code Browser integrating program code editor,analyzer and documentation generator with code flowcharting and visualization.It can help programmers to ... document and understand c,c++source code with built-in analysis for C/C++ program.It also can be used to visualize and flowchart c,c++ code.Its flow chart Documentation Generator supports Visio,Word ... It now supports C,C++,VC++(Visual C++ .NET) programming languages ...

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Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK 2.30.1276

... files (XLS, XLSX, CSV) in .NET and ... required. Supports formula calculations, generates XLS with ... PDF. 100% managed C# code. Includes .NET, ActiveX and command line (console) interfaces so can be used from ... NET and also can be used in ... 6 and ASP classic, Delphi. Comes with over 150 ... and paste" source code samples for C#, VB.NET, ASP ... Basic 6, ASP Classic. Technical details: # ... XLS, HTML, TXT, CSV, XML support; # ... # Reading for CSV, XLS (Office 97 ... ODS (Open Office Calc) support; # Formula calculations (standard functions, add ... XIRR) support; # Can be used in Visual C#, Visual Basic.NET ... ASP.NET; # Cells, columns, rows, worksheets support ... support; # 12 chart types supported; # Cell formatting (font, color, border style, alignment) is supported; # Capable of changing existing Excel documents (change data and save ... or remove rows, columns); # Export XLS into CSV, TXT, HTML and ... into dataset; # Convert spreadsheets from command line or .bat command files using Spreadsheet SDK Console version.

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RNDGen 1.2

True random generator for Delphi and C++ Builder


CSymphony 0.1

... a .NET based code generator that can be utilized by the users to create codes with the help ... users to produce codes in languages C#, J#, C++.NET, VB.NET ... users to generate codes to create code graph.

Freeware Web Scripts 1.0 has several ... projects at low cost. Included javascripts are ... Tester, Lottery Number Generator, Mind Reader, NETimer 2001, No Right Click, Popup Window Creator, Quiz, Time & ... Display which are comes with easier installation ...


Developer of the Month Contest

... of the Month Contest is a website which contains the vast collection of resources like ... is a .NET code generator such as C#, VB.NET, etc ...


GNU Cgicc 3.2

Cgicc is a C++ class library which facilitates ... rapid development of CGI applications in C++. Cgicc, in addition to ... of form-handling capabilities offers a robust HTML generator as well as ... save and restore CGI environments.


Ration Generator

Ration Generator workings workings is ... decimal. / You can input any positive ... for the Javascript calculator that it can handle for this program). You can enter your value ... also you may clear the value by clicking on the "C" button. By clicking on the "Get ... results. This window contains your inputted value ... ratios. The Ratio Generator will produce for ...


PDF In-The-Box for Delphi 3.01

... is a VCL component that lets you create PDF files programmatically ... Win32 mode), and C++ Builder 5, 6 and 2006. Source code in Delphi language ... In-The-Box can be freely deployed ... licence needed! A comprehensive programming interface (about ... box, list box, combo box, check box, radio buttons ... and JavaScript actions can be set on ... management system with cell drawing and filling methods. - Customization of aspect and dimensions for every column. GRAPHICS - 15 methods ... shapes (lines, rectangles, circles, pies, polygons, Bezier curves, etc). - Images retrieved ... aspect ratio). - Image compression with Zlib or ... Bookmarks (table of contents displayed as an ... rubber stamps. DOCUMENT CONTROL - All paper sizes ... Orientation may be changed inside a document ...

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MsgConnect 1.3 1.3

... if your application consists of more than ... for you. You can use simple paradigm ... reply with optional compression, encryption and integrity checking. MsgConnect is a cross-platform network message ... difference that MsgConnect can work in peer ... level transport protocols (currently HTTP, TCP, memory ... network. The framework can be used both ... to-peer and client-server applications. With ... be able to concentrate on business logic ... including Windows (Delphi, C++, DLL/ActiveX, .NET), Linux/Unix/QNX (Kylix, C++/gcc), Windows CE, Palm OS, Java ... SE/EE, Java ME (cell phones). You can choose from open source and commercial licensing. Commercial license includes AES encryption, ZLib compression and CRC32/Adler32/MD5 integrity checking.

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Generator Package (Delphi 6) 2.1

... is a package containing: E generator of user-defined ... incremental sequences of characters component; E Unique Key generator component; E Common utilities and classes. E Native Delphi ... to take speedy components in your hand. Example: You can implement set of character in Mask, for ...

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Generator Package (Delphi 7) 2.11

... is a package containing: E Generator of user-defined ... incremental sequences of characters component;E Unique Key generator component;E Common utilities and classes. E Native Delphi ... to take speedy components in your hand.Example:You can implement set of character in Mask, for ...

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