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HsAudio C Source Library 1.0

HsAudio C Source Library is an audio software library implemented in C language. HsAudio offers user applications a convenient API interface to the...

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HS DHCP C Source Library 1.1

HS DHCP C Source Library implements the server side of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) as per RFC2131.


Visual Browser for C/C++

Visual Browser for C/C++ is a C/C++ Code Browser integrating program code editor,analyzer and documentation generator with code flowcharting and...

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C ++ Boost

The Boost web site provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. The emphasis is on libraries which work well with the C++ Standard...


FTP library for .NET Framework

This is an useful networking tool for the users who use .NET applications on their system. It allows them to transfer file between various systems...


Python Hyperschema 3.0

Python Hyperschema is an open source public domain project that creates very useful HTML hypermaps from SQL database schema, which consists of two...

Freeware - Visual C++ MFC Source Code

Webmasters can utilize this website to create an attractive, impressive website by using the diagramming related tools offered by this site. This...


BDiff and BPatch 0.2.2pas

The programs supplied in this archive are versions of Stefan Reuther's bdiff and bpatch compiled from Pascal translations of the original C...

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C Algorithm Viewer 32

This is a small program that shows the diagram of C source that is similar to Flowchart.

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coan 5.1.2

Coan is a software engineering tool for analysing preprocessor-based configurations of C or C++ source code.

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CoFlo 294

CoFlo generates Control-Flow Graphs from C and C++ source code.

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IncludeChecker 1.0

Unused #includes in C++ source lead to unwanted dependencies and slower compile and link timings.

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QCode C++ Validator 1.0

Static analysis tool for finding coding standards violations in C++ source files.


declude 1.0

Declude helps to decrease the number of includes in your C or C++ source code.


RAM Library b.2.7

Tested, portable, standard C++ source code for policy based log stream, configuration data, external string table, field-delimited strings and text...

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IComplete - A C++ code completion system 0.4

IComplete is a generic command line program for Linux which lists possible code completionsfor a certain position in C/C++ source code.

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Textract 1.0

The Textract Project consists of C++ source code to extract text from a growing assortment of file formats.


Embedded XML Parser Generator 1.0

The Embedded XML Parser Generator is creating some C source code that parses XML files (or streams) from a user specified document structure.


Cobxref 0.95.20

Cobol Cross reference tool for Open Cobol written in OC Cobol Supplied with linux binaries, C source and Cobol source.

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Sunifdef 3.1.3

A commandline tool for eliminating superfluous preprocessor clutter from C and C++ source files.

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