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C Simple Games

ASP Programming for the Absolute Beginner

ASP Programming for the Absolute Beginner is designed to help readers with no programming experience learn not only the basics of ASP, but also the...


NeXYZ 1.0

The NeXYZ Game Engine is an open-source cross-platform game engine for authoring simple games using SDL, OpenGL, and OpenAL.


Databaser 1.0

Databaser is a program for saving database of items and accessing them.

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Building a Simple COM Component with Visual C++

Building a Simple COM Component with Visual C++ is a web based tutorial through which users can gather information about procedure that have to be...


Simple C Thread Pool 1.0

This is a simple implementation of thread pool written in C.

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Simple C Event Library 1.0

Simple C library for event handling

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Sally - A Simple C++ IDE 1.0

"Sally - A Simple C++ IDE" is a simple development environment for WindowsXP or upper.

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Simple SOAP C++ Library 2.2

C++ production ready implementation of Scott Seely's Simple SOAP RPC code.

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Simple C++ Function Package 1.0

Simple C++ Function Package (SCFP) contains a library of C++ header files.


Simple C++ Testing Framework 0.31

A very simple but effective testing framework for C and C++ projects.

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Simple Object-Oriented C 0.4.1

Sooc is a C library that enables developers to write object-oriented programs in C.

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HOW TO: Write a Simple Web Service by Using Visual C# .NET

If the users want to create and consume their own web services based on visual c sharp.NET this tutorial really helps them in a friendly way. This...


Simple C Linear Algebra Library 1.0

The aim of this C library is to implement linear algebra functions on matrices, vectors and scalars with the primary focus being on ease on use and...


Keep It Simple Ajax C# Framework 1.0

KIS (Keep It Simple) is an open-source framework for developing rich web applications.


Simple and little C/C++ Software 1.0

Kleine Sammlung von Programmen, welche ich privat oder fr die Uni geschrieben habe.


Stringa class for C++ console programs 1.0

Stringa is a simple C++ class, importable in console programs by clause: #include stringa.hpp.It was conceived to make esier character string...

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Automated swigging for creating C shared modules 1.1

This script contains a simple python function to automate using the swig process for creating C modules for use inside Python.



SDL or Simple Directmedia Layer is a simple introduction to making multi-platform games. SDL is an easy to use library for Sound, Input, Timers,...


Beginning ASP.NET 1.0 with C#

This book is aimed at relatively inexperienced web builders who are looking to enrich their sites with dynamically-generated content, and want to...


BitWise Operations in C#

BitWise Operations in C# is a simple tutorial through which you can learn about various bitwise operators of C# such as AND, OR, LEFT SHIFT and...