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C Rpc Client Server Chat Application

XML-RPC Client/Server Pair with Encryption 30.9.2005

Run the server on whatever PC's you need to send instructions to. Run the client from any other network attached PCs. Send a command to the server...


NexusDB Client/Server Lite 1.08

The Lite version is free for use in all types of projects, personal or commercial. It comes with packages and dcus, no source. Programs made with...

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Google Wave Client-Server Protocol 1.0

Google Wave Client-Server Protocol reference implementation.


LionKnight Messenger Client/Server 1.2

LionKnight Messenger Client/Server enables users to:Send Messages to Private Clients via LionKnight ServerSend Messages to Public Clients via MSN...

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ASP Chat Application 2.0

This chat application is implemented entirely in ASP and is ready to run immediately. All you need to do is create a virtual directory for the...


CuteChat - No.1 ASP.NET Chat application 1.I

This ASP.NET Chat Application allows you to organize chat-events, collaborative work sessions or online meetings. CuteChat support feature ( ) also...


Delphi Client/Server Update Pack #2

Delphi 4 Client/Server Update Pack #2.

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Client Server Framework 1.0

CSF is a framework designed to help creating client/server programs with ease.


loJAX - AJAX Client/Server interface 1.0

loJAX is a very small JavaScript that allows you to create interactive client/server type applications.


C++ IRC client library 4

C++ IRC client library that seeks to include all aspects of the IRC protocol, along with auto reconnecting and multiple connection management.

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Distribute Client/Server Suite 1.0

A distributed client/server suite of numerical analysis modules including factorization via ECM and PRP testing


Simple Client Server Framework 1.0

A simple client-server framework.


XML-RPC Client for ActionScript 0.9.3

XML-RPC is a standard that was developed for calling remote procedures, usually over homepage that can return data to the client.


Client & Server Communications Library for C&C++ 1.2.2005

This tool is helpful for network administrators or for programmers to make communication with another system. It has client and server...


Message Client/Server

Message C/S provides the easiest way to let you communicate with your friends.The Message Client lets you: - Connect to one or multiple Message...

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FlexChat ASP Chat Application 2.0

You can run this ASP application on your dynamic website to include a real time messaging system. Users can utilize the chat module with password...


C++ Redis Client 0.3

a C++ client for Redis key-value database - http://code.

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Complete ASP Chat Application

This is a tutorial that is for creating an ASP based chat program. In this article users can find ready to use chat script to run and manage their...


Simple .Net Chat Application 0.8

Using this html based chat tool you can send the messages quickly. / This tool automatically eliminates all the inactive users based on the time...


Simple UDP Multicast Client / Server using twisted 1.0

This script represents a simple example showing how to correctly use the UDP multicast functionality of twisted.