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C Rpc Client Server Chat Application

tCount 2.0

This web client server chat system is in a small counter like nature and provides some important facilities to the users. Users can gather...


Dynad Application Server 1.0

Dynad is a client-server, database application-server and basic GUI generator.


Miaou Messenger 0.1

Miaou Messenger is a client/server chat library, which can be included in all your .

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QutXR 0.7.0

QutXR is a Qt based XML-RPC client/server library.

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ShoutBox! 3.5

ShoutBox! V3.5, the tiny chat application that will turn your entire site into an awesome discussion boulevard. Bring the latest chat experience to...


Synopse SQLite3 Framework

The Synopse SQLite3 database Framework allows SQlite3 database access, User Interface generation, security, i18n are handled in a safe and fast...

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libASSA 2.4.2

libASSA is a UNIX/Linux Object-Oriented C networking (BSD sockets) library and application framework based on Adaptive Communication Patterns.


Chat Room

This is a chat application, built with HTML, ASP, and a dash of client-side JavaScript. No software to install, no upgrades to download,- a totally...


jChatBox 2.V

jChatBox is a JSP/Servlets chat application. Server side is 100% Servlets/JSP. Client side could be HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Applet, Flash or...


MiniChat2 2.0

MiniChat2 can be incorporated into your web site as a chat application. This both a client and server side chat software. The client side is...


Real-time Message Logging Utility - Part 1

The utility which helps in logging the messages and alerts sent by programs is called as a message logger. It shows the time required or taken for...


Sigmachat Server Pro 4.5b

Sigmachat Server Pro is a multi-platform compatible stable, high performance Java Chat Client/Server solution suite. Client is pure Java(tm), and...


MsgConnect 1.3 1.3

MsgConnect is indispensable if your application consists of more than one module. If you need to exchange information between modules, no matter...

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ActiveX data-binding - handle images as easily as conventional data types - Optimize image quality, compression, application performance, bandwidth...

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TurboDB for VCL 6

Fast embedded SQL database with transactions and constraints to replace the BDE

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VolgaDB Engine 5.0

VolgaDB Engine is a single-user engine for working with flat files or client-server multi-user engine for working with MSSQL, MySQL, MS Access,...


TVirtual Dataset & TEvent Dataset 1.0

This framework contains two components which are designed to help you developing client-server applications which data are not provided by a SQL...

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File SyncForce Pro 4.0

File SyncForce (PC, FTP, PB) performs file synchs between PCs, hard drives, client/server/ftp networks, and laptops. Automatic scheduled syncs and...

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TinyLog++ 1.0.0

TinyLog++ is a C++ client/server logging utility library.

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SMF Chat Module 2.07

It can add a chat room based on Java server and Flash & HTML 5 Client to SMF, multiple skins and users fully integrated. And the best part is once...

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