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DMACS: The Console Debugger 0.0.7

DMACS: a feature-rich debugger that can be potentially used with any C++ program on any platform.

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Input and Output in C

Input and Output in C is an useful guide for novice programmers in understanding about file streams and the standard library functions of C. The...


libASSA 2.4.2

libASSA is a UNIX/Linux Object-Oriented C networking (BSD sockets) library and application framework based on Adaptive Communication Patterns.


Beginning ASP.NET 1.0 with C#

This book is aimed at relatively inexperienced web builders who are looking to enrich their sites with dynamically-generated content, and want to...


BKAudio 2.0

This is an audio program that produces sound on the ASP.NET websites. This program has the ability to serialize the sounds when those are added and...



COM to .NET is a solution that can be used to migrate COM based codes into .NET codes. Users are allowed to organize their applications and not to...



GuestBook-X is an online guestbook with MySQL support. You can integrate this program on your website so that your customers can post their views,...


Sharp develop RC2

Sharp develop is a C # and VB.NET development platform that helps users to develop applications based on these languages. This program has many...


Un-CGI 1.7

Un-CGI is a frontend for processing queries and forms from the Web on Unix systems. (It can also be run under Windows in some cases). Un-CGI...


KOLFtp 1.0

Fully functional example of FTP client program based on KOL library.

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PHP_SMB 0.0.1

PHP_SMB is an extension for PHP written in C built on smbval (SMB validating library) to authenticate users against SMB servers.


Harminv 1.3.1

Harminv is a free program (and accompanying library) to solve the problem of harmonic inversion — given a discrete-time, finite-length signal...


bleen 0.1.1

High performance C++ UDP-based networking library on UDT, suitable for games or VoIP applications

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CSUSM ACM Eclipse Installer 1.0

To facilitate C++ development on Windows XP, this simple program installs the following software: the Eclipse IDE w/ CDT plugin; g++, make, gdb,...


code-dump-ppc 1.0

Code-dump is an Objective C program that decompiles PPC Objective C programs on Mac OS X, relying on their inherently structured format.

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neuralnetgen 1.0

neuralnetgen is intended to be a universal neural net generator that receives a neural net description (on Neural Net Description Language, also...


GrubC 1.0

GrubC is a platform independent C/C++ graphic and GUI library with an object-oriented approach based on a Java Virtual Machine.

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Steganifyer 1.0

it is about a GUI (Graphical User Interface ) program based on Qt4 library ,that hides data on a picture using differents method depending on...

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Process Manager beta1

A simple C# Program created for managing processes currently running on your PC.

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Homan 1.0

It is a C++ program that stores the customer info,room info,create a bill .