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C File Manager

DoneEx INI-File Manager ActiveX/DLL 1.3

Product Description: INI-File Manager library allows you manipulate with an INI-file and its elements by the easiest way from any programming...

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Omnistar Drive PHP File Manager 4.2

File manager software to handle uploads and downloads on your site

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Web file manager HTTP Commander 6.0

HTTP Commander Web based file manager. With HTTP Commander you can easy provide online access for your colleagues or clients to files stored on...

2.4 MB Ajax File Manager for tinymce 1 Ajax File Manager for tinymce free open source tinymce file manager for full ajax support

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EZS File Manager 0.2

EZS File Manager is a simple yet a powerful program to access all sort of files and directories on your website without an ftp connection. This...


Fresh File Manager( Pro) 1.0

a powerful web space manager,you can download fresh file manager free, or order more powerful file manager pro


iDC File Manager 1.II

iDC File Manager is a web based remotely Hosted software which is specially designed for the print industry people. This useful application helps...


iDC Web Based Multi-User File Manager 1.0

A multi-user web-based file manager to manage your files online without FTP access. Easily create and manage password protected multi-user...


IZI File Manager 1.0

IZI File Manager is a PHP based file management script that enables website owners and admin to effectively manage their files in a directory. You...


Nutext Technologies File Manager 2.0.6

Nutext Technologies File Manager is a software which allows users to create, edit, and delete files and directories. This script displays a list of...


Quedo - web-based file manager/sharing 1.1.2000

Quedo - web-based file manager/sharing is a multi-platform compatible script that puts on your web server a password-protected area where people...


Simple File Manager 0.24a

Simple File Manager is a software that allows users to manage files and this tool can be placed into a specific directory and give access to that...


Web file Manager 1.VI

Web file Manager is a php based script / and is a content management system and as a web file tool which is used to update homepage. It is simple....


WebUing Virtual Desktop: File Manager

This is a full-featured file manager: each user has his/her filespace. Uses a hierarchical Directory/File/Attachment structure. Supports...


Bibi - the Bibtex File Manager 2.1

Bibi - the Bibtex File Manager.

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FileRun - PHP File Manager 2.0

SHARE FILES ONLINE from anywhere, using only a Web browser. Drag and drop uploading, progress bar, email notifications, customized interface,...

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Building an ASP File Manager

Programmers in ASP language can utilize this tutorial to learn in detail on how to adminser file and folders through ASP pages. Processes like...


Easy File Manager 1.5

This script will help you organize a file directory. Allow users to upload files to their own directory, limit user's file size and extension,...


Easy File Manager Pro 2.I

This is a perl script where users can manage the files and directories through a web interface. This program provides a password protected...


Lion File Manager 1.0

This is very handy and simple file management system to control your webspace. The various features are : Very simple installation Admin Login...