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C Code To Do Expired Domain Check

mcgdb 1.0

Helps one to write C code to inspect the kernel corefile contents and do it way faster than gdb.


Creating dynamic dropdown lists in mySQL

This is a tutorial which teaches the readers how to develop a basic admin interface which allow them to add and delete users through the browser...


drag and drop

Implementing drag and drop functionality is not as simple as one would think. Besides having to do a boundary check on all the draggable layers,...


RSS Feed Project in .NET

This article explains the RSS Feed Project in .NET, in which it demonstrates writing C# code to consume RSS feeds. After that these data from these...


UK Motors For Sale Easy Setup and Admin online UK2

UK Motors for sale website. Very easy to run and setup, customers register and then pay by Paypal or cheque to post their adverts on the site. All...


YahTool Pro 2.0

The YahTool Pro is a windows based software that will allow you to find expired domain names that are still listed in Yahoo. You can input a text...


cpptoexecutable 1.0

This is just a simple C program to compile your C++ code to a Debian executable.


c4jvm 1.0

A C compiler which can compile ANSI C code to java virtual machine bytecode.



jSegue:Tools for making Java bindings for native code: tlb2java generates Java and JNI code to call COM Ole Automation servers, h-gen generates C++...

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Shoelacer 1.0

Shoelacer generates C code to compress short strings based upon provided sample data.

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cpp4j 1.0

Java library that simplifies migrating C/C++ code to Java by emulating standard ANSI C++ functions.


TurboExcel 2.0

TurboExcel converts Excel spreadsheets to C++ code. / This helps developers create perfect code instantly. Whenever you have to write a new...


AthTek Code to FlowChart 1.5.2

Code to FlowChart is an advanced source code to flowchart converter for software engineer and document writers. It automatically generate flow...

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Script To Batch Compiler 1.0

A script converter that converts easy to read PHP like code, To windows Batch scripts.


Expired Domain Sleuth - Find Valuable Expiring Domains 4.0r4

Expired Domain Sleuth goes through the whole cycle with you for finding valuable domain names. First, find expired domain names by using a...


WAP Domain Check

For WAP Domain Check, C/w the WAP input form (domaincheck.wml) and the cgi script (domaincheck.cgi). All you need to do is to just change the URL...


CodeCoffer for Delphi 1.0

Do you want to protect your important code in your application, such as registration code check, from cracking?CodeCoffer is a new code protection...

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VBto Converter 2.1

Software for converting Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 project (including source code) to resource and source files MS VC++, VBNET, C#, J#,...

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Expired Domain Name Registration Script 1.2 is the most affordable expired domain name software script offered today. Our program uses eNoms API and registers any domain name...


Extending Python and Zope in C

To extend Zope, you first extend Python. While extending Python is not brain surgery, it's no walk in the park either. There are two basic...