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C Code To Convert Pdf To Html

jPDFWeb 2016R1

jPDFWeb is a Java library to convert PDF documents to SVG / HTML5. The library can save to the local file system or to an output stream to be able...

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BKAudio 2.0

This is an audio program that produces sound on the ASP.NET websites. This program has the ability to serialize the sounds when those are added and...


C# XML Stream Project

C# XML Stream Project is an article where author describes about four methods which can be used to convert objects to XML stream and XML stream to...


Migrating from HTML to XML

Many programmers are shifting from HTML to XML( Extensible Hypertext Markup Language). Therefore for the existing Websites that have documents in...


XML generation with JAVA

This is an article on Java XML libraries such as parsers and or processors, which can be used for generating well-formed and valid XML. The...


XMLNuke 0.7.1

This is a content managment solution that can be used to add, edit or delete contents on the websites. Using remote admin tool you would be able to...


XML Converter CMD 2.68

XML Converter with DOS command-line interface is data conversion software to interactively create XML transformation. It runs conversion to XML...

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XML to Man converter 0.4

xmltoman and xmlmantohtml are two small scripts to convert xml to man pages in groff format or html.

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PDFman 1.0

An editor to create PDF and HTML files


Pseudo HTML to Pascal (C) code generator 1.0

Generate Pascal and/or C code starting from a simple HTML-like file.

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c2regex 1.0

Translate C code in a pipe to a form usable as regular expressions in sed or grep.


J2J - Simple JSON 2 Java mapping 1.0

J2J provides an intuitive way to convert Java to JSON and JSON to Java.

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Efficient XML Document Exchange

Efficient XML Document Exchange is an article in which author gives details about the procedure for zipping the XML file size, which helps in XML...



With the help of this tutorial, you will be capable of creating your own functions in JScript and can learn the available functions in JScript with...


DITA Test Suite 1.0

A collection of DITA map and topic files used for checking the performance of tools such as the DITA-OT used to convert DITA to other formats,...

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LeetGen 1.0

LeetGen is a small multi-language application, which allows to convert text to leet and vice-versa.

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sql(lite2my) 1.0

my project is about to convert sqlite to mysql.


Tbmp2BMP_ToFro 1.0

A set of tools and scripts to simplify the process of converting from PalmOS Tbmps to win BMPs in either direction and to use PilRC or par to...


HTML2PDF Add-on 2.10

HTML2PDF Add-on is a library that helps you to convert HTML to PDF using PDF Creator Pilot. The add-on library can produce PDF documents using...

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TurboExcel 2.0

TurboExcel converts Excel spreadsheets to C++ code. / This helps developers create perfect code instantly. Whenever you have to write a new...