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Bubble Shooter Python Game

PygLibs - Python game libraries 0.0.1

PygLibs is an all-in-one Python game library.

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E-gold bubble game

E-gold bubble game is a simple game that allows users to play and win real gold and money without any skills. This is a php based program. Follow...


Starship Shooter

Starship Shooter is an entertaining game that can be loaded by the webmasters on their websites for their users. Users can play this game by...


Greasy Game Engine 0.02

A very high level 2d tile grid based game engine written in Python and PyGame.

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Python games library for PS3 rc.0.3.3

Python PS3 support library, primarily designed to support game development under Linux.

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Spineless game engine 20060529

Spineless is a generic cross-platform 3D game engine implemented in Python.

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Invert Game 1.0

The Invert Game; help file including description of rules and strategy for minimum number of moves.

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IP2Location Python Library 2.1.1

This module is a Python Library to support all IP2Location™ database products.

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Preloader game

If you have a lot of content to preload, this gives your visitors something to do while they wait. Its a simple little game that they can play...

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Fantasy Formula 1 2007 - F1 2007 Season Game 1.0

Almost fully integrated Component, update Component and some auxiliary modules which allow you to run a Fantasy Formula 1 game based upon the FIA...


Editable buffer for the Python shell 1.0

This script is a useful wrapper around the python command line shell to allow editing of the last typed in lines of code in an external editor.


Simple ldap with python 1.0

Simple ldap with python script shows some example of ldap library use with python.


Python Publishing Accessories 0.2.7

PPA (Python [Object] Publishing Accessories) is a library of python modules useful to build web publication systems.


Python symbols 1.0

Python symbols is a toy module that shows a way to define symbols inside functions, using a decorator.


Some python style switches 1.5

Some python style switches script shows several ways of making a 'switch' in pyshows sevbr />


Transfer Windows login script to Python 1.0

Transfer Windows login script to Python allows Windows administrators to use Python for their allows Wipts.


Execute Python program from Windows Cmd. file 1.0

This script generates a Windows command file that executes a Python program.


Regular expression for python string literals 1.0

For quick-and-dirty processing of Python source files, it can be convenient to have a regular expression that matches Python string literals.


Constants in Python 1.1

In Python, any variable can be re-bound at will -- and modules don't let you define special methods such as an instance's __setattr__ to stop...


Memento design pattern in python 1.0

Memento design pattern in python script allows you to cache instances based on what arguments are passed to them.