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Branch And Bound Algorithm Solving Tsp I

Jump into PHP and MySQL web programming - Part I

Jump into PHP and MySQL web programming - Part I is an article that teaches about programming with PHP and MySQL easily. The author says that most...



This program can be used by the users in managing registry, also it allows searching the value data. It never filters simply keys and value names...


Awtext 0.90

This package extends the standard java 1.0.2 awt package event handling to provide a callback mechanism for invoking user defined methods. This...


Business Cards Web Builder v.099 0.99

Business Cards Web Builder v.099 is Unix compatible. The program represents a WYSIWYG content management system (CMS) for web l visit cards,...

Freeware 1.0

This script can be used to take csv files, exported access data, etc., and make SQL commands files. I use MySQL, but the file is set to be easily...


Creating a Custom DataGridColumn Class

Creating a Custom DataGridColumn Class is a tutorial which is useful for the .NET programmers to know how to build template and bound columns in a...



Flashgimp is a place where you can learn, grow and develop new skills as a designer in all mediums such as graphic design, animation, 3D,...


Perl Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro 4.0.3

Perl Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro is the script available in PHP, Perl and ASP versions, that can be used to process any forms on your web...


Reengineering Tool Kit for Java

Reengineering Tool Kit for Java generates XML document, which are very simple to read and to work with. The XML documents are generated by...


Vehicle 2

This applet allows you to pull the car up walls and climb using a rope, i.e. a grappling hook. Depending up on the speed of your computer you can...


BufferList Expert 1.1

Can your C++ Builder show you the opened files in a nice easy to use form? Well kind of. Click Ctrl+B and you will see what I mean. Here is the...

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Basic Oligonucleotide Alignment Tool 1.0

A new efficient and sensitive algorithm for mapping the new sequenced reads from next-generation DNA sequencing technologies to the genome assembly.


ScutMonkey, MD 1.0

The goal of this project is to formalize, extend, and make freely available code I wrote as a medical student and intern physician that tags and...

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Java Automata Library 2.0.alpha.1

A library to build and manipulate finite state automata, I/O automata, transducers and rational langagues in Java.

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HTML Help Real Merging Tool 1.0

The HTML Help Real Merging Tool merges HTML help projects root and branch and enables the latter content reusing within the heaps of help files,...


I-Bill IT epayment control for Authorize.Net 1.0

This ecommerce component, I-Bill IT, provides programmatic access to the Authorize.Net API. I-Bill IT supports recurring billing (ARB) as well as...

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dzChart for Delphi and Kylix 2.1.1

dzChart is a free (MPL 1.1) component package for Borland Delphi and Kylix containing some charts.

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Faculty Evaluation System 1.0

Faculty evaluation system is based on schools/colleges/teaching institute's evaluation system which is generally paper based and now to save trees...

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Cleaner Shopping Cart 1.0

Very simple code since I'm very green at this.


Joe's Database Console 1.0

I really hate that braindead sqlplus and really love psql.

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