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Borland Ide

ColorIDE 1.02s

ColorIDE let you customize appearance of your code in Borland IDE's code editors. While those IDEs have color customizer themselves, ColorIDE gives...

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EControl Form Designer Pro 2.00

EControl Form Designer Pro is a professional form designer that takes much after its Delphi counterpart and enables users to easily integrate...

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CrossKylix 1.0.0

CrossKylix is a free toolkit to integrate the Borland Kylix (Delphi for Linux) compiler into the Delphi IDE.This project was created for people who...

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Zecos Software 4.0

MaxSpace improves interface in Borland products by turning ObjectInspector and IDE ToolBar into emerging state. When you do not need them they are...

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MyDeveloper Tools for Delphi 2.10

A powerful MySQL development add-in for Borland Delphi. It integrates into CodeGear Developer Studio, making all database development and...

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Perl Builder

Perl Builder is a complete, integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl. Whether you are an experienced Perl developer or a non-programmer...


Silverpoint MultiInstaller 3.0

Silverpoint MultiInstaller is a multi component package installer for Borland Delphi , it was created to ease the components installation on the...

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Eco3Modeler ModelMaker 8 add-on

Eco3Modeler is a one-way C# and Pascal modeler for Borland ECO 3 (Enterprise Core Objects) for the dot-Net platform as shipped with Borland...

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Pack-Man allows you, as a Borland Delphi (or Borland C++ Builder) developer, to switch between multiple package configurations on the fly (IDE...

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DevraceAthlant Professional 2.0

AthlantO is a flexible, universal IDE expert for Borland« DelphiO and Borland« C++ Builder, which integrates a lot of famous version control...

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TwineCompiler 2.0.6

TwineCompiler is an exceptionally fast multi-threading C++ Builder compiler wrapper. TwineCompiler takes your Borland C++ Builder projects and...

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OraDeveloper Tools for Delphi 2.50

A powerful Oracle development add-in for Delphi. Convenient IDE access to browsing databases, developing PL/SQL, and managing schema objects....

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dbForge Fusion for MySQL, Delphi Add-in 3.00

dbForge Fusion for MySQL (formerly known as MyDeveloper Tools) is a powerful add-in designed to simplify the MySQL database application development...

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Relo C/C++ Development Environment 20

Relo is a Windows C/C++ IDE for MinGW and Borland C++ compilers.

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Codpad IDE for C/C++ 1.0

Complete IDE for the free Borland C/C++ 5.

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VisualHAM 1.0

VisualHAM is an IDE, written with Borland Delphi for Win32, initially targeted to the freely available Gameb Boy Advance SDK called HAM.


SMall IDE (SmIDE) 1.0

SMall IDE is a small modular integrated development environment written in Borland Delphi.

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SimpleASM Project 1.0

SimpleASM is a IDE for the MASM (Microsofts macro assembler) which is fully written with Borland Delphi6.

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AspectJ for JBuilder 1.0.6

AspectJ integration with Borland's JBuilder IDE.

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Small Modular IDE 1.0

A component library for borland delphi 7 to create a small modular IDE for everything you want.