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Bs_IndexServer 4.IV

The strength of this package is to index all sorts of things (websites, file systems, files, databases tables, ...). feed the indexer with...


Astanda Directory Project [ADP] 1

Astanda Directory Project [ADP] is a directory, search engine, and spider/crawler software. Your own breed of DMOZ and Google. ADP is the only...

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1-Click is a time saving search program that searches selected multiple search engines by a single click. It has facilities for boolean search...


APB Search 1.3

APB Search is a script that first creates an index file and then allows users to search for keywords. Main features include a setup wizard, no...


Homepage Search Engine III.53

Homepage Search Engine is a text search engine just like google where users can search all text files on their website. This program supports...


JavaScript Modules 1.0

Thumbnail gallery, video gallery, slide show gallery, audio gallery, video e-mail, text search engine, boolean search engine, SQL Interpreter,...


KSearch 1.0

Fast and highly configurable search engine and web site indexer. Features include: boolean search, file and directory exclusion, customizable...


KSearch Client Side

KSearch Client Side is a site indexing and searching software. This program supports many features such as, engaging or disengaging boolean search...


RiFlex 0.1

A fast search engine for large text collections. It uses a platform independent binary index and is able to work with 1-2 Gb of text. Includes a...


Shakka Search 1.4

SHAKKA! Search is your own search engine. It's perfect for smaller sites. The entire program takes up about 50k and each datafile takes up under...


TSEP - The Search Engine Project 0.941

TSEP is a free php search engine for a website / You can put a "Search this site" anywhere on your website and let people quickly find what they...


AlphaTIX 1.0.6

AlphaTIXls technology provides user with highest indexing performance and a possibility to index large volume of data quickly. Fuzzy search is its...

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FuzzySearch 2.2

Fuzzy searching is the tool for search string occurence with error. Under an error of search we accept an incongruity / exception / addition of the

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Onix Full Text Search and Retrieval Toolkit

Onix is a industrial strength toolkit for adding high performance text indexing and retrieval (search) capabilities to your applications. Onix's...

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eBooksWriter LITE 2004.11.168

With VisualVision's EBooksWriter you can create ebooks with ease.It's a professional all-in-one visual environment, not just a compiler!- you build...

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Pattern String Engine 1.3

Pattern String Engine (PSE) is a freeware library for work with regular expressions in Borland Delphi/Kylxi. As distinct from the other libaries,...

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Meresco 1.0

Meresco is both an OAI Data Provider and a Service Provider.



diskMETA-Lite is an useful PC utility with which you would be able to search for queries online. This program supports text, documents and HTML...



diskMETA-Pro is an efficient search engine script designed to work from your local desktop. This professional versioned program supports .rar,...


Search Lite for ASP.NET 1.0

For users it provides high-speed search capabilities, with powerful search expressions; Phrase matching -NOT, OR and AND operators -Groups and...