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Book Library System

Book rental system

The general software sales book features are 100% open source, no programming skill required, setup in 5 minutes, free access to product updates,...

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BookCave Library Management 1.0

A book library management module for the ArsDigita Community System (ACS).

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Ex Libris 1.0

Ex Libris is a personal book collection system written in PHP 5.


InkTank 1.0

An online library system designed to archive "fan fiction," stories written using an already-imagined world. It has many features tailored for...


Mag Zone :: Online Library System!

MagZone is a comprehensive online library system, where you can allow the users to rent out magazines, books or any stock which you want to rent....


Xaraya Figlet Module

Xaraya Figlet Module is a PHP based stuff that can be used to replace the simple text fonts into unreadable ASCII format. It contains a transform...


EBookLibrary 1.0

The objective of this project is to provide a set of tools to provide online book library development platform.


Simple Library Manager 1.0

Simple Library Manager is Java application for managing small book library and is suitable for small institutions with one PC for all types of...

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Personal Digital Library 1.0

PDlib is a digital library system built in C# providing a personal digital library that provides automatic indexing, metadata generation and...


Personal Library Manager using PERL 1.0

This is a set of tiny PERL scripts for maintaining records in personal digital book library, spread across different CD archives.

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thokbook 0.04

Thokbook is a personal library system, written in perl.

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Library Acquisitions Database 1.0

The Library Acquisitions Database manages the ordering and receiving of items, such as books and video cassettes, for a library system, featuring...


Hero's Union: Basic ILS (Hubils) 1.0

Hero's Union: Basic Information Library System is a project that is in the early stages of development.


Talking Book Database 1.0

Talking Book Database is used to catalog your favorite Talking Books that is borrowed from your local state Talking Book library.


Library System Manager 1.0

This "From School Library System Manager" is designed to serve as a model to manage libraries of public schools or not.


Dibrary 1.0

Dibrary is Open Source Digital Library System that enables services for creating electronic archives.

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Digrary 1.0

Digrary is Open Source Digital Library System that enables services for creating electronic archives.

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Book Library 0.1

Allows you to maintain book libraries.


TFnpCombo Color 1.00.00

TFnpComboColor is designed to let the user pick a color from a combo box. You could use TColorGrid, but this component occupies a lot of space on...

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TFnpListBox 2.02.03

TFnpListBox is derived from TListBox. In addition to the features of the standard list box, TFnpListBox has support for columns, searching, has an...

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