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Book Library Management Using Php Mysql

Portfolio Version 1.0 build 14

Portfolio version 1.0 is a web-based photo manager written using PHP / MySQL. With Portfolio, you can easily create and maintain albums of photos...


esyCMS 1.0

Easy Content Management System using PHP, MySQL and Ajax


phpCampaignTools 0.3.1

phpCampaignTools is an archive of web campaign tools which have been built using PHP/MySQL.


AJ Article

Developed using PHP, MySQL. The core concept of the script is to share knowledge between users in a group. Professionals on various domains can...


Simple Content Management with PHP/MySQL 1.I

Simple Content Management with PHP/MySQL is multi-platform compatible. PHP MySQL Simple Content Management. A simple content management system...



Automatically populates DNS zones via web interface using PHP/MYSQL.


BookCave Library Management 1.0

A book library management module for the ArsDigita Community System (ACS).

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mhd2 2.0.1

MHD is yet another ticketing software using php/mysql.

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EasyConference 1.0

Intended as a simple and easy to use scientific conference administration tool using PHP/MySQL which follows the conventions found in social and...


NLSO-WEB, Language Neutral Websites! 1.0

Natural Language Support Objects (NLSO) for creation of language-neutral web sites using PHP/MYSQL See http://comchatter.


Portable PHP,MySQL Corporate Intranet System 2

Portable PHP/MySQL Corporate Intranet System provides simple features to administer web based user system. Modules support internal lists for...


Help Desk Pilot - Web Based Help Desk Software 2.2.0

Web based Help Desk ticketing, customer support and service management solution. PHP based. Free & Commercial Editions available.

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Absolut Engine 1.73

Absolut Engine, a news publishing system once, more of content management system (CMS) today, aims to be a simple and flexible PHP framework.


OO PHP Library 1.8a 1.0

OO PHP Library is an object-oriented library written in PHP with enhanced features for RAPID creation of web-interface to databases.


Ez Groupon Clone

Ez Groupon Clone is the closest match to Groupon in quality & functionality.Coded in PHP /MySQL it has a host of stylish features and new modules.

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WebSiteAdmin 2.1

WebSiteAdmin is a content management system written in PHP and using a MySQL database.

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88scripts Banner Manager 1.0

The 88scripts Banner Manager is a simple banner management script that is written using PHP and uses MySQL for storing the ad data. It is capable...



Focusing mainly on PHP/MySQL tutorials, devnet has a wide range of tutorials that cover most of the areas that are related to web design. There are...


e11 HelpDesk Software 4.2.2000

The e11 HelpDesk Software provides online customer support. It can be used for huge business organizations as well as colleges and universities to...


FA-Pass 3.2.2001

FA-Pass is an user management system to secure your pages by assigning password. This system can be used for any online communities which has...