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Block Diagram For Framework Of Ecommerce

Fox - Framework Object Index 1.0

Fox is a framework of objects indexing for abstract APIs of information retrievel like Apache Lucene.


iValidator Test Framework 20081031

iValidator is a Java framework for automation of scenario and integration tests in complex environments.

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Look! AR for Android 1.0

Framework of Augmented Reality for Android.

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Renaissance Framework 1.0

Renaissance is a Framework of RPG ILE programs, service programs, Javascript code and HTML designed to enable developers to quickly and easily...

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Jumanji framework 2.0

Jumanji is an framework for development of internet applications.

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MS-Excel Multivalue Function Framework 1.1

Framework for development of MS Excel add-ins that allow user defined functions that return more than a single value (e.

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Theba image segmentation framework 1.0

Theba is a plugin-based image analysis framework for segmentation of and measurements on 3D and 2D images.

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DevEnhancer (for SAP Business One) alpha

This is a framework for developers of the SAP Business One ERP CRM solution.

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Izzy Framework 2.0.12

Izzy Framework is a MVC Framework + CMS for development of sites and web-based systems.

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Bouncyglue Framework 1.0

A PHP Application Framework written for developers of large-scale Applications that utilize the benefits of PHP 4/5.


PatientOS-Netbeans Web Framework 1.0

This project consist of a set of plugins for Netbeans based on the Visual Web Pack Module Cluster , to provide a web framework of...


PyNet Python Framework 1.0

PyNet is a Python Framework for devlopment of web and client applications.


TechInsite Object Persistence Framework 1.097

The TechInsite Object Persistence Framework (tiOPF) is a free and Open Source framework of Delphi code that simplifies the mapping of an object...

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Process Monitoring Tool for Sybase 2.0

Sybmon is a Java based real time process, lock and block monitor for Sybase ASE database servers.

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End Block Commenter 1.0

Adds comments after statements in a language that end a block of code.

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A three-pronged solution for identifying users

The first responsibility in implementing system security is establishing the identity of the user accessing the server at the other end of the...


CSS Multimedia Filters for IE5.5 Reference 1.0

CSS Multimedia Filters for IE5.5 Reference is very beneficial for web developers as it shows with various examples and elaborate details for...


Export ADD on module for Marketing Manager

Export ADD on module for Marketing Manager is a PHP program to extract full details of all your customers in either CVS or Text file outputs. Using...


House of Fusion

Our site provides a resource for users of the ColdFusion web application programming language as well as showcases the company.


The role of private UDDI nodes in Web services, Part 1

The role of private UDDI nodes in Web services, Part 1 is an online ASP.NET article for one of the advanced technology UDDI, involved in developing...