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Billing System For Studio

Cyberstash- automatic membership & admin system for cybercash password sites

This is a perl program and the basic function of this program is, it links your site with cybercash server which sells password for their...


Cyber Cafe Billing System 1.0

Cyber Cafe Billing System is complete user administration software solution for a cyber cafe.


The Nexus Billing System [MOST] 1.0

The Nexus Billing System is a dynamic environment using MySQL, VB 6.


Content Management System for Phprojekt 0.5.1

Content Management System for Phprojekt is a php based program that allows users to perform content managing actions like uploading, editing,...


Esy - Web Publishing System For Smes 1.0

Esy - Web Publishing System For Smes is both Unix and Linux compatible. Esye frees you from web programming and puts the control of your site into...


Pdf System for Xoops 1.I

Pdf System for Xoops is written with PHP classes that gives Xoops intergrated modules to provide PDF formatted results. This script requires no...


Web system for ASPects 1.0

WESP is a collection of subtle scripts and programs written in several languages (C, /bin/sh, (g)awk, ruby, icon) that breaths a new life into the...

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Spider Search System for Learning Object 1.0

The Spider and Search System for Learning Objects (SASSLO) is a free, open source, easy-to-use system which lets you search for and build up a set...


Operation system for AVR Butterfly board 20060417

ButterflyOS is a very simple operation system for the Atmel AVR Butterfly board.

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GUI Skinning System for WinForms .NET 201

GUI Skinning System for Windows Forms .

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BugInvoicing Web Based Billing System 3.0.0

A completely web-based solution for managing the sales process. It provides secure, web based statement display and a payment processing system...


online billing system and help desk 2.0

An online invoicing system with auto billing and auto due notice capability via cron jobs. It includes a user-friendly backend to keep track of...


SparkPlug Content Management System For Coldfusion 4.0

This is a script where the webdesigners and developers can power the portals, websites and intranets on a coldfusion platform. This is a content...


DBISAM Database System for Delphi

The DBISAM Database System is a proprietary database system designed from the ground up to merge the best features of the various local database...

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Help System for the Admin Section 1.0

This contribution is designed so that a web-designer, working on modifying OSCommerce for someone, can include easy instruction on how to operate...


CVS virt file system for Hurd 0.1

cvsfs4hurd is a translator for the GNU Hurd, which allows to "mount" a CVS module into your local filesystem.

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Accuracer Database System for Kylix 1.40

Accuracer is a compact, embedded, single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement database with SQL support...

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Type System for ASP Script Programmers

Topics: IIS Basics, ASP - where it falls short, CLR Basics, ASP.NET Basics, ASP.NET and OOP, Type Anatomy.


Lazy entity system for GWT 1.0

Build on top of Gilead project (https://sourceforge.