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Back Door

Data Nuker

Shreds sensitive files so they cannot be recovered or undeleted. Includes disk free space shredder - destroy previously deleted files on your hard...

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Backdoor Guard

BackdoorGuard Award-Winning Firewall Software. Prevents Hackers and Adware Communications. protects against emerging viruses before they...

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Malware Scanner

Malware Scanner is an Adware, SpyWare, Key Loggers, Thiefware,Trojans, Dialers, Hijackers, Trackware, removal utility. Also removes Bundled spyware...

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Add a BACK button in the product_info 1.2

This is a small modification in order to alow costumers to go back when they are in the product info page.


Add Back buttons to the checkout process 1.3

This contributions adds back buttons throughout the checkout procedure, allowing the user to easily navigation throught payment without getting any...


.NET brings the fun back to programming

.NET brings the fun back to programming is a reference guide which gives detailed information regarding ASP.NET. Entering Microsoft Windows, C...


ASP.NET Deployment - Back To Basics

ASP.NET Deployment - Back To Basics is an interesting article which deals with the information reagarding the features of ASP.NET . In this article...


Back Button

This is a program that can be used by the webmasters to allow visitors to navigate their website with ease by the use of back button. This...


Back Home Button

Back Home Button can be incorporated into your web page to implement a button with the text ?Take Me Home? that when clicked on can take the...


Back Me Up 1.0

Using crontabs or your browser, Back Me Up will back up any file you choose by creating an exact copy of the file to be backed up and saving it on...


Back, Forward, Reload

Back, Forward, Reload is a JavaScript which can be used in your web pages to implement the functions similar to the one in a web browser like the...


Link back Checker Lite 3.0

Link back Checker Lite is multi-platform compatible. Download any script you want whenever you want! With a professional account you never have to...


Passing a value back from a Popup window (ASP)

This is a program based on ASP that enables webmasters to include any content to the main window via a popup window. This program does its process...


Revolving Door for Mercantec SoftCart 1.0

Revolving Door for Mercantec SoftCart is a shopping tool in JavaScript that provides a package of two scripts i.e., Revolving Door script and the...


Rewiring the Back Button

This is an article that shows users how to redirect their site visitors to another page when they click the back button. In this tutorial the...


Scriptomizers - JavaScript Back Button 1.0

Scriptomizers - JavaScript Back Button multi-platform compatible. A code generator which creates customized cut-and-paste JavaScript back buttons...


Scriptomizers- Javascript back Button

This script is basically for generating a link button on the web page. When the site visitors click the back button it links them to previous page...


Web Feed Back ?

Web Feed Back is a multi-platform compatible script that allows users to leave feed back to Web Developers , sends the feedback message, and sends...


Writing Back Time

This is an .NET based reference tool which gives the readers an outline of OLAP cube which can be used for automation of ASP.NET applications. By...


Full Back 1.0

Need a quick, easy component for your software program to allow your customers to backup their databases or files? Full Back is a component...

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