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B Tech Final Year Devlopment Project

Final year project 1.0

Generally final year project testing


OpenSupport - Bespoke Support System 1.0

OpenSupport is my final year project of my degree.


Graph Database 1.0

This is an academic project to build a graph database, supporting multiple users, with fully functioned data query, data manipulation and indexing...



phpTimeSheet is a Timesheet / Timetracking organizer/scheduler using PHP and MySQL.


Implementation modified B-TREE 1.0

this is a miniature of the C-ISAM library.


AZbb :: AZ Bulletin Board 1.0.09

On 18th August, 2003 I finally decided to start producing a forum that would fulfil my own expectations. There were a number of issues which made...


Contractors Database

Contractors Database is a PHP driven online co-ordinating system that constructs frameworks to merge all subcontractors to admin. Entire data is...


iPaid Email CGI Script

A) Features: / All new members email verification system / Fully automated subscribe and unsubscribe system / Complete members profile access thru...


ItwCalendra 4.1.2003

ltwCalendar is an event calendar programmed in PHP and currently uses mySQL as a database backend. With ltwCalendar, you can add single events or...


O.B.M. 0.7.5

O.B.M. is a server sided client software that gives PHP modules to update user, customer info on database and manage them. CSS stylesheet and...


ProAnalyzer Ad Tracking System 1.0

A powerful, yet easy to use ad tracker, that can be run from your site. Capable of tracking unique hits, sales and other actions. Comes with a...


Softalot Team Manager

This Team Manager provides groupware tools for the web administrators by helping the project team collabaration. This is a web based project...


SFTP NET Managed 5.2.4

SFTP NET Managed puts your project on the rails, leading your .NET team straight to a final release. Just add SFTP NET Managed components into your...

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NateOffice 0.5.0

NateOffice is a PHP-based flexible software package for contact management, project management, and team collaboration.


sandia 1.0

Sandia comes up as a final project for the Information Systems Engineering career at the 'National Technologic University' from Cordoba,...


Java Desktop Environment 1.0

This project final target is to provide a layer of abstraction between Java and modern desktop operationg system (win32,KDE,Gnome).

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MTRegs 1.0

This is our final project for TAU.



This tool provide help for write SPEC file to build RPM, it work in snippet like style, the final goal should be to manage a fully project, with...

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VB Packager And Compiler 1.0

Portable , Faster, Smaller EXE No Runtime Needed anymore , without needed of ActiveX or Ocx Or Dll all you need to do is scan the project file to...

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B Automatic Refinement Tool 1.0

The BART (B Automatic Refinement Tool) project aims at developing an automatic refinement tool for B machines.