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Avlan Design

Guitar Chords Library 4.0

Find chords (more then 3000), select type (8 types) and mode (3 modes) play of guitar for playing chords (more then 72000 MIDI files) and songs,...

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Ars Logo Design

Professional logo design services for startup and small business.


Brilliant Database Professional 4.6

Brilliant DB Pro is an all-in-one tool for quickly creating databases that can help youwork with any type of data. Design all aspects of your...

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Brilliant Database SDK 4.6

Brilliant DB SDK is an easy-to-use tool for creating end-user executable databaseapplications. Design all aspects of your database (Forms, Reports,...

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WebAsyst Quick Pages

WebAsyst Quick Pages is an easy and powerful content management tool for fast design and publishing of web pages, newsletters, manuals, scientific...

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MNOgl component collection version 1.0

Component collection to develope OpenGL applications completly component based and full WYSIWYG support already in design

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Lookups Components Package (Delphi 6) 2.1

This package contains some useful lookup components not included in VCL Delphi Library;* Help, find and fill. Very useful for data lookup on...

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Lookups Components Package (Delphi 7) 2.11

This package contains some useful lookup components not included in VCL Delphi Library;* Help, find and fill. Very useful for data lookup on...

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MNOgl Component Collection 1.0

With this collection developers are easily able to build OpenGL applications completly with components and see the results already in design mode....

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Report Professional 1.12

Report Professional (RP) is a reporting tool for Delphi and C++ Builder IDEs. It consists of the following parts: visual report designer, preview...

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EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer 2.5

EventStudio is a CASE tool for Sequence Diagram, Call Flow, Message Sequence Chart, Use Case and Process Workflows generation. EventStudio goes...

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Example Collection for Vivid Report 1.0

Example collection for report design component library of Vivid Report 2.0. It includes full source codes of ten applications. This applications...

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TAlLanguagesStore And TAlLanguager 1.02

Components for localization (language translation) of forms for large projects by automatically using conditional compiler directives...

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Design HTML pages the WYSIWYG way supported by Delphi. Create a HTML navigation system, which can be nested (TdhPageControl component). You can...

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Online Store Builder Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution 7.0

Professional Web store builder, shopping cart software, Ecommerce solution - E-Commerce Web site builder to create a professional online store:...

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Online external CSS and HTML editor

An online editor to help you design your Web pages.

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ECO for VisualStudio 4.0

ECO IV is the latest release of "Enterprise Core Objects", an application framework that allows you to take applications from design to...

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Web 2.0 Glowing Badges

- No pngs,jpegs or gifs just ALL flash vector graphic design. - So colorful, glowing and tempting just invites you to put your mouse over - Easy...

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DMXReady CMS 2.0

DMXReady CMS gives website owners control over their own web content. If you can use a web browser like Internet Explorer, you can add, edit, and...

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ThermalLabel SDK for .NET 5.0

Barcode Thermal Label SDK for .NET-Zebra. Design barcode labels and print them to Zebra Thermal Printers (ZPL or EPL) by writing just pure .NET...

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