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Avi To Flv Conversion Code Using Java

ServletHTMLCode generator ASP 2.0

ServletHTMLCode generator is an excellent tool to generate ServletHTML Code using simple ASP. The first form uses a file uploaded from the server...


Creative Applications 1.0

Tools and Utiiities to support applicaton development using Java Enterprise technologies


JManTools 1.0

The JManTools project is design to provide docbook to manpage conversion for the java community.

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CogentDB 1.0

A web based DB tool to manage enterprise data using Java Technologies and Rich User Interface (RUI) like Ajax and JSF


Perlets 1.0

Perlets is a new way to write CGI code using Perl.


TCR Neuroph -Text Character Recognition 1.0

TCR Neuroph - Text Character Recognition is java tool developed to recognize scanned text , using Java Neural Network Framework - Neuroph

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JmicroMVC 1.0

JmicroMVC is a very lightweight Model-View-Controller (aka Model 2) framework to build web applications using Java and J2EE

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Pseudo-random string to float conversion 1.0

Pseudo-random string to float conversion script converts strings to floats in the range [0, 1), using a hash function.


secax secured editing 1.0

Using encryption to secure your code or text.

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JNIWrapper provides simplified access to native code from Java applications without using Java Native Interface (JNI.) You donít need to create a...

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Active X SMS 2.4.2000

Active X SMS is a Windows compatible script The SimplewireO SMS Software Development Kit offers a quick, seamless, turnkey approach to developing...


AurigaDoc 1.III

AurigaDoc is an useful software that allows users to publish XML documents with unique presentaion layouts and to convert those documentation into...


Building Your Own JSP Components

The Beans are the nucleus of JavaServer Pages components. Without writing even a single line of code, developers can use the power of Java to add...


ColorPicker 1.IV

ColorPicker is a Java applet and is a hexadecimal color code generator. To create color code of your choice, click on the hue-saturation map to...


Connecting to a MySQL Database using Connector/J JDBC Driver.

A tutorial on how to connect to a MySQL Database using Connector/J JDBC Driver. Explains what are database URLs? Why and how to specify JDBC driver...


Easy Javascript Form Validation 2

Client side java script is the efficient way to validate the user input in web forms. It gives the response immediately and reduces the server...


Managing e-zines with JavaMail and XSLT, Part 2

This article demonstrates how to automate e-mail publishing jobs with Java and XML. This application of XML and XSLT describes an e-mail newsletter...


PHP & Java

This tutorial teaches the programmers about how to extend PHP class with the help of java classes. Few examples are given to learn about...


Presentation to Video Converter 3.VI

Presentations to Video Converter allows you convert PowerPoint presentations into AVI or mp4 Video without using PowerPoint! The converting process...


Step by Step Java Tutorial

Step by Step Java Tutorial provides learn-by-example feature that explains the process of building applets in few steps like displaying things on...