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Autoshutdown Xp

Web-Server Suite, for Windows 2000, XP 1.IX

This is a web server suite and combines server components and user applications that are integrated into one single package. This webserver has...


Xp 4.0

Xp is a Windows compatible web based email server with POP, WAP, secure delivery, receipts, aliases, filtering, signatures + mailing lists. ASP...


XP Crypt 3.VII

XP Crypt is an useful site security program that has the ability to perform column encryption in views, procedures and triggers. All data...


XP Web Buttons

XP Web Buttons provides a XP look and feel to the buttons of your webpage by changing the button type and color parameters. The buttons have the...


XP-Image Web Buttons IV.97

XP-Image Web Buttons is an advanced menu building software capable of developing web based buttons for the navigation menus. Using this applet you...


XP Lib 1.3

XP Lib is a set of 22 components which adapt to Windows XP themes, but also have an alternative paint style, which enables them to work under older...

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Fet XP 10.9.0

FET XP it is created for protection of the information stored on your computer from the non-authorized access by means of cryptography. As function...

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Transpear Fusion Band XP 2.1

Fusion Band XP - is the only program of its kind, now, finally your desktop can have the use-ability and face lift it's been screaming out for,...

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SUIPack for XP/MacOS 3.0

Elegance components for building style as XP and MacOS......

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Xp Progressbar COmponent (English)

A new breed of Xp Progressbars custom designed to make your app stand

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XP SysPad

XP SysPad is a launcher which makes access to Windows system utilities its specialty. All of the prime Windows system info and utilites such as the...

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Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 4.0

Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP creates two pure virtual serial ports in your system which are virtually connected to each other. For other Windows...

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Fusion Band XP Edition v1.2 XP Ed.

Fusion Band is a natural extension to the Windows Start/Quicklaunch Bar; it enables more menus to be added to the Taskbar.New Features:Window XP...

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Open XP editor 1.0

We will build a programmer text editor for java foqued in the method XP (eXtremming Programming).


Se7enBar for XP 1.0

This project is to create a standalone (NOT JUST A SKIN) replacement bar for Windows XP with the Windows 7 look and feel, with as much...


Stock Icons - XP and MAC style icons free

Original and professional stock icons for your web and software projects. Each stock icon is available in four different sizes and six different...

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Resource Tuner XP 1.81

Tune up the user interface of your program! With Resource Tuner you can view, extract, modify, translate, edit, or replace any selected Windows...

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vkUserControls (XP-Style OCX) 1.0

An ActiveX component (developed with Visual Basic 6.

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@1 Helpdesk XP 1.20 / 3.0

@1 Helpdesk is a Perl based help desk system that can be used to create a customer support center on your website. The new features in the latest...


Popcalendar Xp 8.I

PopCalendarXP is a great-looking JavaScript date picker that comes with many convenient features to facilitate date inputs on your webpage. In...