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Build Automation Tool : R2build 1.1

Continuous Integration ,daily build(night build)and build automation tool, establish the nightbuild in minutes,only by adding build step node and...

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Command Line Automation for .NET

This is a program that executes DOS and console commands directly from VB and C# .NET code. As soon as the commands are implemented the output will...


Csmembership - Site Member Automation ?

Csmembership - Site Member Automation is both Unix and Linux compatible. csMembership is a mySQL driven user management program built around...


iHost Automation for Account Creation In Cpanel 1.I

Automation for Dedicated, Reseller, and Free web hosting companies. iHost can create both normal accounts (with billing) or free accounts instantly...

Shareware Web Automation Collection 4.0

Complete website automation package including calendar, shopping cart, mailing, news publisher, statistics, and more.


SalesAct Sales Automation Tool

SalesAct is a Sales Automation Tool with a built-in calendaring tool. SalesAct will enable your salesreps to keep track of their prospects. The...


Using ASP and Office Automation to execute an Access Macro

This article mainly deals with the two main technologies ASP and Office Automation. The author shows how to make use of ASP and Office Automation...


WHM Automation 2.4.2016

WHM Autopilot will provide you with automated account creation, account suspension, domain propogation monitoring, import capabilities, server...


Microsoft Excel 97/2000 Automation Server 1.00

Example of working with Microsoft Excel 97/2000 automation server.

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NHN Test Automation Framework 1.0

NHN Test Automation Framework (NTAF) is a framework for automated testing to help automate the distributed systems and add communication between...


OO-Automation 1.0

Automation library for OpenOffice/LibreOffice for Delphi/Pascal language

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AutoIt-v3-COM Automation Bridge 1.0.6

AutoIt-v3-COM Automation Bridge allows to use functions in AutoIt v3 (AU3) scripts from WSH, VBasic or other COM capable programming language.

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Qmake Building Automation Sys 0.9.6

QBAS (Qmake Automation Building System) is a group of scripts allowing the developer to check deps, configurate and build a code project without...

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Corredor Automation Test Suite 1.0

Corredor is a robust general framework for performing software test automation.


Python Win32 GUI Automation 0.4.0

Simple Windows GUI automation with Python.

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VOLE - A Neat C++ COM/Automation Driver 0.7.4

VOLE provides facades for driving COM/OLE automation objects from C++ with a natural, type-safe, and efficient syntax.

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ARSystem Automation Library 1.0

Automation wrapper for the Remedy AR System C API updated to version 6.


eTest Automation Framework (ETAF) 1.0

ETAF: e Test Automation Framework The 'e' in ETAF signifies that it is a web based framework.


Simple Web Automation Toolkit 1.0

The Simple Web Automation Toolkit (SWAT) is a test tool that allows users to automate web application testing in multiple browsers.

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Java-Based-GUI-Test-Automation-Library 1.0

The Java-Based-GUI-Test-Automation-Library (jabuta) provides the possibility to test software on a GUI-based level.