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Automatic Database Access System

Dataxi b.1.8

Dataxi is a database access system that uses a single form to query, view and modify data spread to one or more tables in a true relational manner.

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ADAL - Auto Database Access Layer 1.1.0

ADAL (Automatic Database Access Layer) creates VB.

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Ugallery 1.0

Features: Password protected control system ( Data Encryption System ), Random Images, Images Archive ? THUMBNAILS, Images Archive ? SLIDESHOW,...


Uphotogallery 1.0

Features: Password protected control system ( Data Encryption System ), Random Images, Images Archive l THUMBNAILS, Images Archive l SLIDESHOW,...


ActiveBrowser 1.0

A powerful, Database Management System (virtually works with any ODBC compliant database). Easy to install, allowing you to access and edit...

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3D Stacked Horizontal Bar Graph 4.I

3D Stacked Horizontal Bar Graph / version is a bar graph representing program that can get series of data and display it in a bar graph method....



Provide anonymous e-mail inboxes for visitors to your site. Includes templating system, HTML e-mail support, virus and trojan attachment filtering,...


Connections and Server Database

This tutorial guides the users in a friendly way making connections with database server and also it helps them to make permissions to access...


Daffodil DB - Java Database v3.2

Daffodil DB is a J2EE certified, SQL-99 and JDBC standards compliant 100% Java RDBMS. It helps you build comprehensive, efficient and powerful...


Data Access 1.II

Data Access is an ASP.NET component which is helpful for the web users who uses ASP.NET based web applications that allows them to access data from...


Goldpaint Merchant Shopping Cart System 3.888

Run your own ShoppingCart Server. Designed for web Designers and ISP's. Database access, SSL, Install Wizard, Browser based Mall Administrator....


Melati 0.7.2

This is a database administration system where the users can generate websites. This program based on HTTP access control technology for the users....


r-Access 1.I

r-Access is a database management system that provides fast and convenient way to view/edit remote (web hosted) databases over the Internet....


Receiving a List of all Tables in a Database

The main objective of this article is to teach the developers how to receive the list of tables from a database. The author tells about the inquiry...


Setting up a system DSN

The author teaches the webmasters how to configure a system DSN on Windows. The author suggests that by installing this DSN, it is very easy for...


DB Audit 3.0

DB Audit Expert is a professional database auditing solution for Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.DB Audit Expert enables database and...

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RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software 1.8.6

Whether you or your company sells software or other products via the Internet, RegKeeper is a must have tool for you. It will supply you with the...

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PHP database access class for PostgreSQL, offering convenient state-of-the-art interface to PostgreSQL, combined with automatic provision for every...

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CUBRID 8.4.1

CUBRID is a comprehensive GPL/BSD open source relational database management system highly optimized for Web Applications.

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JSpeed - Fast Embedded Java Database 1.0

JSpeed -- Java-based Open-Source Embedded Database Management System supporting network database model with limited relational access.