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Autocomplete Php From Mysql Database

PHPMaker 4.3

PHPMaker is a powerful automation tool (for Windows) that can generate a full set of PHP quickly from MySQL database. Using PHPMaker, you can...

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PHP Report Maker 1.0

PHP Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic PHP Web reports from MySQL database. You can instantly create live detail...

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Complete Mega Portal Script and Complete Website

Top 10 searches and featured websites on the front page. Daily content such as weather, games, kids content, lottery results, daily poll, news,...


Complete PHP Search Engine PPC Affiliate Website

Complete Professional Website with Hosting! | | PHP and MySQL Database Driven | | Can handle thousands of Listings per keyword. That's more than...


Database Enabled Flash Mx2004 Components

Here is something you have been looking for long time. We provide Database enabled FlashMX2004 Components. We have enabled the components available...


Duck 0.9.5

Duck is a practice testing method in PHP using MySQL database backend. some disadvantages that are faced in other scripts are reduced in this...


Fortune World project 1.0

Fortune World project is a quote displaying script and is a simple script based on php. It requires Mysql database as backend to store fortune. It...


Instant Report! 1.0

Instant Report is a PHP application that helps webmasters to extract details from MySQL database so as to generate a detailed report on the...


IRM 1.4.2002

The IRM is an online customer support system especially created for Information Technology departments and helpdesks. The system keeps records of...


Message of the Day 0.1

Message of the Day is a php based quote generating script. With the help of message of the day users can show new message randomly on their web...


PopScript Search Feed 5.012

Complete PHP and MySQL Database Driven website script. Include most any search feed type id in this script from the admin panel. Literally hundreds...


Search Engine PHP 4.0

PHP and MySQL Database Driven / Can handle thousands of listings per keyword. That's more than enough ( has an average of 40 listings per...


Supercharged ImageVote 2.I

The Supercharged Image Vote is a software program written using PHP and MySql database. With this software, you can create a photo voting website...


Triangle solutions is a company who develop web related programmes, database development, web hosting and web site designs. Buyers or webmasters...


Mysql Automated Backup Tool 1

MySQL Backup Manager is very useful for taking automated backup of multiple MySQL database. The backup operation can run any time as per the...

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MySQL Database Handler 1.0

This class is a wrapper around MySQL database access functions.


MySQL Database Handler class 1.0

This class is a simple MySQL database access wrapper.


phpDBpage 1.0

phpDBpage is a web developer tool that creates the necessary php pages to maintain records from MySql database tables.


Formitable 1.5

Formitable is a PHP class which can output HTML forms from MySQL database tables.

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Open Source Forum Software - iScripts SonicBB

iScripts SonicBB is a free, user-friendly and fully customizable open source forum software. Create your own virtual community! It is based on a...

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