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Assinging Default Value To Combo Box

Super Boolean Combo Box 1.0

The Super Boolean Combo Box (SBCB) makes it easy for the end user to enterTrue/False values. Values can be toggled just by double clicking on the...

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2-level combo box

2-level combo box is a simple yet versatile JavaScript to enable webpage navigation. The menu can have a large number of links. The script displays...


Always-visible combo box

A twist to the good old JavaScript combo box menu, this script renders one that's always visible on the visitor's lower right screen. Updated for...


Combo Box Content Viewer

This Combo-box Viewer script allows users to selectively view HTML content on your page via a drop down menu. Each content is simply wrapped inside...


Combo Box with "open in alternate window" option

Combo Box with "open in alternate window" option is a JavaScript navigation tool, which displays a drop down menu for selecting links. The script...


Combo-box RDS Like connection

This is a database tool that allows users to store data inside the database. This database table will have combo-box and which will have several...


Cuurent Date in Combo Box

This is an easy to use tool for all the users. This tool can be used to display a combox box that shows the current date. Users can select any date...


Pop Out Font Combo Box 1.0

TWPopPutFntCbox is a Corel draw type font combo box that pops out a window with a preview of the curent font when the list portion of the box is...

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Combo box with description ?

This is a navigational combo box that shows a deCombo box with description is multi-platform compatible. A combo box that also displays a short...


Add Whats New Link to Categories Box 2.0

Best used with categories enhancement mod, it is very simple.


Clear default form value script

Use this script to automatically clear the default value of any form's input field when the mouse sets focus on it. This script intelligently...


Applying Attributes to Configure COM+ Services

Each service related attribute got its default usage information which is described through this article. By the help of these default value of...


Databound Countries Combo

This is an useful utility which helps the programmers to display 240 countries of the world in a drop down combo box. This utility displays all the...


Databound Regions Combo (ASP) (Canada & USA)

This is an ASP based user friendly utility which helps users to show 65 states and provinces of the countries such as USA and Canada. This tool...


Transform MSSQL Database to MySQL

Software transform MSSQL to MySQL database supports view, trigger, table records

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Add Item to array

From this online ASP resource you will be able to know about adding items to array for administering the data files. In this article, it is...


Hex To RGB Converter

This script will convert any hexadecimal value to RGB and back. The background color on the page will also change to the value you select.


TFontCombo Box

This component displays a list of available font in the system using a combo box.Truetype fonts are marked with the TT-font sign......

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Incremental Combo Collection 4.1

Most advanced Quicken style incremental combo boxesavailable for Delphi and C++ Builder today. This is the only set that willautomatically place...

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This is an ASP.NET based script which is helpful for webmasters who want to create their website with combo box to allow the visitors to select...