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Assigning Date In A Textbox

Big Medium web content management system 1.3.2004

Big Medium is a browser-based content management system whose WYSIWYG text editor allows non-techies to publish web content without touching HTML....


Cameron Gregory's Clock

This is a clock that helps users to display date in a format such as day of the week, month and date and time with hours, minutes and seconds....


Date and Time Last Modified Display

This is a simple online java based date displayer that helps users to display date in a format like, date, month, year and time with hours, minutes...


Date Display - Long Format

This is developed with javascript and is a program that can display current date in a long format on the web pages. Users can integrate this...


Date Validator Custom Web Control

Date Validator Custom Web Control could be used for the user to validate the dates. DateValidator is used to overcome the missing of useful...


Display the character count from a Textbox Control

Webmasters can display the number of characters typed in a textbox. This tool will be useful for the webmasters to display character counting for...


Flexible JavaScript Date Display

This is an online date displayer that helps users to display current date in a format like, date, month and year on their web pages. They can have...


How can I return the current date, time

How can I return the current date/time is a simple tutorial which helps the users for getting the present date and time and for displaying the same...


MatrixBox 0.1

This is a matrix calculator with basic matrix functions add, multiply, inverse. You can see the source in a textbox below the current calculations....


NetTalk Messenger 3.0

Application for message exchange between computers in local area network. It is cool alternative of WinPopup program included into Windows 95/98....

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DateTray is designed to show todays date and calendar in your system tray. By clicking on the date in the system tray it will display a calendar on...

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Karamasoft UltimateCalendar 1.1

UltimateCalendar is a set of ASP.NET server controls to provide calendar and date picker functionality.

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Hiox Date Range Script 1.0

This Script to validate the data and statistics for a particular date or for a range of dates. This is a free asp validator script developed for...

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@1 Age Status Indicator for File and Folder

This script checks the last modified date of a file or any file in a folder and shows an image indicator according to the age of the file.


@1 Calendar Publisher

This is an online web calendar script. Some of the salient features available include display a list of defined number of nearest coming events...


Ace Date Display

Ace Date Display (mm/dd/yyyy format) is a JavaScript date and time tool to display the current date in your webpage. This freeware displays the...


Ace Formatted Date On Titlebar ?

Ace Formatted Date On Titlebar is a multi-platform compatible date dump. Ace Title Bar Formatted Date Display - Use this code snippet to display...


Adding a New Record to the DataGrid

This is an useful article for the users to know about how to insert new record in to the datagrid control. In this article the author describes the...


Adding date/time last updated

This tutorial explains that how to insert date/time in a specified file using filemtime function when it is last updated. The filemtime function...



This program will be of much use in managing the web directory in all its basic aspects. Its operations are controlled to use the physical path of...