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Asset Administrator

Asset Tracker for Networks 2.5.7

Network inventory tool intended to audit software and hardware components installed on the computers over the network. This asset management tool...


FutureWare Media Asset Tracker

Time is money, and our Media Asset Tracker saves you big-time in finding and managing media assets, both digital files and physical media....

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Lightbox Photo Gallery Software - Digital Asset Manager

Lightbox Photo Gallery Software digital image hosting asset management php stock library, online proofing script provides photographers, artists...

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Administrator JavaScript Generator Suit 1.I

Administrator JavaScript Generator Suit is a handy tool for PHP webmasters to build their websites. It consists of 11 javascript generators to ease...


Asset tracking Software

Asset tracking Software can be used by users in electronic license management and asset insurane. It consists two main works in it as software...


Stp Database Administrator 2.III

Stp Database Administrator is an ASP based database tool. It uses Microsoft Access database to customize data. Users can also create blank...


Network Asset Management Archive 1.0

Network Asset Management Archive: NAMA is a set to tools to track network assets.


Open Source Asset Data Model 1.0

The open-source project for development, analysing and installation of (Asset-Control) Asset Data Model(s), through Eclipse.


Asset Database 1.0

A GTK+ MySQL Asset Database.


SOA Enterprise Asset Manangement 1.0

SOA Enterprise Asset Manangement Systemprovide template definition,asset category definition, asset management, asset relationship management,and...


SEO Administrator 5.2

A complete set of SEO tools. Monitor your web site positioning and page rank, find external links pointing to your site and counted by search...

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Administrator Navigation 1.1

A tree-like navigation system that allows the admin to add unlimited categories and links. The links can be made invisible only viewable when the...


Faq Administrator 1.2

This message board features reply count and forum addition/deletion through an admin panel. Modualar design makes it simple to use for mutiple web...


Newsletter Administrator 1.0

Web based features include: create, modify or deleted newsletters, sending newsletters to all or selected subscribers, opt-in, opt-out and more.


Password Administrator+ 4.0

Advanced account manager that automatically deactivates expired accounts, disables abused accounts, emails members when their account is about to...


Server Administrator 1

Give your customers control of their virtual server with this script's user manager, DNS manager, web manager, email manager and cron manager.


Win32 Perl Scripting: The Administrator's Handbook

A resource focusing on the ways to automate administrative tasks and take advantage of Perl's capabilities on the Win32 platform. Provides scripts...


Admin Login, Password, Manager, Administrator 1.0

This is corrected way to make Admin ID and Password.


Open Asset Import Library 1.0

Importer library to import assets from different common 3D file formats such as Collada, Blend, Obj, X, 3DS, LWO, MD5, MD2, MD3, MDL, MS3D and a...

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MySQL Administrator 1.0

MySQL Adminisrator

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