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Asp Net Code For Perl To Asp Net

Net::FreeDB - freedb interface for Perl b.0.06

Net::FreeDB - an interface to the freedb cddb database for Perl

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System of management customers for ignited to protected areas (1a part)

System of management customers for ignited to protected areas (1a part) is an ASP article which concentrates on how to provide password protection...


Generating Serial Code For Your Applications

Generating Serial Code For Your Applications is an article more important for the webmasters to create a serial code similarly to the original to...


Simple Code for a Common Footer

Simple Code for a Common Footer is a tutorial which gives you an easy way for creating your own footer control in web pages. In this tutorial the...


HSQLDB BER Server for Perl 1.0rc1

High-performance interface to HSQLDB database for Perl

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Amazon Mechanical Turk SDK for Perl 1.02

The Amazon Mechanical Turk SDK for Perl is a set of libraries and tools designed to make it easier for you to build solutions leveraging Amazon...

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Universal DB-Engine for Perl b2

A universal DB-engine for Perl.

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Flat-File Database for perl 1.0.11b

Lightweight Flat-File database API for perl.

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Perl to Java regular expressions tutorial

Perl to Java regular expressions tutorial, which give proper guidance to the user who are familiar with perl can get a similar expression in java....


Citrus GCC (mingw-w64) for Perl 20120411.4.6.3

Bundled gcc compiler and tools for Perl on MS Windows (32 and 64 bit).

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Dynamic Gui for Perl 35

This project aims to add the ability to create a graphical user interface (gui) dinamicallyfor Perl programs.

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Java 1.5 Generics For converter to 10

This tool makes it possible to convert Generics and extended for loops of version 1.

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Codebrain Guide For Newcomers To Java

An easy-to-understand guide to the basics of installing and using JAVA applets, specifically geared toward those new to JAVA.


Matlab code for the Kalman filter 1.0

It will compute the Kalman gain and the stationary covariance matrix using a Kalman filter with a linear forward looking model.


Static Background Code Generator

This script will create the code for you to have a static background on your page.


Web Client Programming With Perl

If you've ever wanted to learn more about Web protocols so you could build custom client-side tools to automate tasks--or just so you have a better...


Consuming a web service with command-line tools

Programmers or web developers can refer this tutorial for knowing more about the generation of web services based on .NET. The tutor gives several...


HandyHTML Studio 3

HandyHTML Studio is a scripting environment that can be used to create code for Perl, PHP, C++ and Java applications. Users are allowed to view...


The $20 Paypal Ipn Interface Tool 2.01

IPN Interface Tool Is a set of Perl and HTML code for Developers to creat their own IPN Interface to PayPals Shopping Cart or Single Item Sales,...


Intelligent data keeps Swing simple

This article explains how the iData architecture establishes a generic architecture that can integrate intelligent data with components of Swing...